Another Lessig Presentation Silenced By Automatic Stupidity

To embed laws into the architecture is the stupidest thing the humanity is doing. How come nobody is lobbying Congress to build cars whose engine has been built not to exceed speed limit? Because everybody would think it’s just a stupid idea. Nonetheless Google is accepting to build automatic filters in YouTube that censor videos, even when no copyright is infringed. Architecture should not, never, embed law: we built our society on separation of powers, lets stick to the principles.

We live in a country that is supposed to cherish free speech, not stifle it in case it harms the business model of a company. We live in a country that is supposed to encourage the free expression of ideas — not lock it up and take it down because one company doesn’t know how to adapt its business model. We should never be silencing videos because they might infringe on copyright.

via Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation | Techdirt.



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  1. According to some judges and prosecutors, this is the thing that Goolge should be doing on all of our videos uploaded on YouTube, not only to check whether they contain copyrighted video that majors want to be filtered out, but also faces of individuals, who have not given their consent to the author of the video to be published. How could Google know that.

    But first, do we want Google identify any and each face and have a database of consent given by someone to someone else, just in case? Isn’t it Bentham’s panoptikon?

    This morning Riccardo Luna, director of Wired Italia, said very clearly that this copyright regime is madness in the Internet space. To embed it into an automatic process, which cannot take the nuances and exceptions in due count, is basically overcoming the law by means of technical measures. So a company, or some companies, become the sole legislator, judge, executors of the law, which is then subtracted to the democratic process and left to private administration.

    This worse than madness, this is legalized autocracy, and must not be allowed!