A free decentralized social networking platform

Eben Moglen’s call for a free and decentralized social networking platform seems to have been heard 🙂 OneSocialWeb, Apache2 license, developed by Vodafone R&D Labs

The purpose of onesocialweb is to enable free, open, and decentralized social applications on the web. Its protocol can be used to turn any XMPP server into a full fledged social network, participating in the onesocialweb federation.

Looks interesting: did anybody play with it?

via Docs – OneSocialWeb – Creating a free, open, and decentralized social networking platform..


6 thoughts on “A free decentralized social networking platform

  1. Hi Stefano,

    very interesting stuff .)

    What about a semantic decentralised twitter integrated with Linked Data and based on the principle of reusing our personal information? It’s SMOB:
    -> SMOB

    Recently Alexandre has released the new version:
    -> SMOB v2.0
    -> SMOB v2.2 – Geolocation and other improvements

    Also it’s interesting on this kind of stuff knowee:
    -> Your contacts, the webby way

    Semantic Web and Linked Data stuff is decentralized by design .)
    Power and control to the people, not to the platform.


  2. Thanks Matteo! I’m very interested in these platforms. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to run Noserub on my hosting provider (1and1 — they don’t provide access to error.log so I have limited ways to debug). I’ll dive into SMOB soon.


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