Chicken and egg? Why would handcufphone vendors add support for a Free format if we didn’t mind that they kept us handcuffed? They already won’t let us add it ourselves! Besides, one campaing doesn’t exclude the other. The campaign for Free Software on all computing devices has been ongoing for 25+ years! The problem is the non-Free Software on the device. Maybe the solution, until more phones are Free, is to use phones as just phones, and have other portable computers around in which you can Be Free! Maybe it’s something else. But of one thing I’m sure: accepting to live with the problem and insisting that others do so too won’t fix it, it’ll rather make it worse. And while we can’t control the locked-up devices, we can (often) control our own choices, so we should use our power and freedom of choice cleverly, in a way that brings us closer to the solution. Rejecting the devices and the files are both smart uses of this power. Accepting them and promoting their acceptance works against us. It might be more comfortable for you, but it’s also more comfortable for the vendors who want to keep on imposing their choices on you, and on everyone else.