Things I said on 2010-04-04

  • ♺ @carlopiana: searching openoffice on Bing in Italy gives a cybersquatter's website: and only as 7th result #
  • mai vista una cosa del genere: invece di mettere le tariffe online #poste preferisce farsi chiamare al numero verde #
  • Storica vittoria di #assoli secondo la Corte Costituzionale preferire Software Libero non viola la libertà di concorrenza #
  • Why I wish I could reject your email attachment – a response to #FSF new campaign #dfd #
  • RT @kolabsys Syncphony now integrating the Kolab Groupware Solution with Funambol: #
  • RT @magicfab Help test Funambol for #Android with #Ubuntu One: 1) Install it from Marketplace 2) Go to -pick any p … #

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