• http://www.opscode.com/chef brings innovation in the good old sysadmin basement. Much welcome #
  • http://is.gd/cnoDm #Microsoft released open source tools to manage Outlook data files. Can it help #Funambol get rid of redemption.dll? #
  • Impressions of #whymca mobile dev conference from a #Funambol developer: http://is.gd/cnCLv #
  • Having seen only the first 3 episodes of #Lost and the last 3 I feel like I saved time: there was no story, only random events #
  • ♺ @fabricapo: Apple MobileMe will be free(mium) http://bit.ly/bb2Hc2 #
  • what desktop clients for Mac and Windows are available for StatusNet and Twitter? No Adobe Air stuff, native clients or widgets #
  • FSF brings GPL Enforcement in Apple's App Store http://is.gd/cp4ph #gnu vs #itunes #
  • myFUNAMBOL is about to go down for a major upgrade. Remember to sync now or wait until tomorrow #funambol #
  • does ezmlm have the worst email list archive visualization or what? Man, sometimes I understand why forums are more popular #
  • #Funambol MAY02 demo meeting starting #
  • new version of #FUNAMBOL portal adds sharing pictures with major sites, like flickr, picasa, facebook #demomeeting #
  • Funambol C++ development team added features, code refactoring on Symbian and WM clients, integrated patches from community #
  • #Funambol C++ investigating iPhone OS4 to add picture sync (doable) and calendar (impossible to know still: Apple's fault) #demomeeting #
  • #Facebook portal team working on user stories to import #Facebook avatar pictures for contacts in address book #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol portal team working on user stories to import #Facebook avatar pictures for contacts in address book #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol #Android java team adding Client-To-Server push, fixing bugs and improving pictures sync #demomeeting #
  • java team investigating "light polling" on #Funambol #Android to improve battery life&avoid syncing if there is nothing to sync #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol dev team has one more iteration to go before entering stabilization. Great job #demomeeting #
  • 1/2 is #Microsoft lock-in 1/2 is political choice not to use available local knowledge to go Free Software http://is.gd/ctm7M #
  • I don't understand why people would want to be tracked: #Microsoft #039;s Orwellian tracking system goes public http://is.gd/ctnAq #
I love xkcd. This strip reminds us of the invaluable work that the Free Software Foundation has been doing for over 25 years. Have you donated to the FSF already? Donate now, it’s for a good cause.

xkcd: Infrastructures.

Se poi uno si chiede perché i giornali non li vuole comprare più nessuno, leggete qui sotto cosa scrive il Corriere online e ditemi voi se ci capite qualcosa:

Il colosso del web si impegna anche a comunicare «attraverso l’interfaccia della rete AdSense (il programma di affiliazione attraverso il quale i proprietari di siti internet possono vendere spazi pubblicitari utilizzando Google come intermediario) disponibile on-line, della percentuale di revenue-sharing, e delle sue eventuali modifiche, spettante agli editori affiliati al programma AdSense Online», ovvero il programma di affiliazione attraverso il quale i proprietari di siti internet possono vendere spazi pubblicitari utilizzando Google come intermediario.

Evidentemente è andato male il copia-incolla, ma nessuno ha riletto. La FIEG se la prende con Google, mentre dovrebbe pensare ad innovare e dare prodotti di qualità. Invece ci tocca sorbire il solito pianto greco della tassa sulle locomotive elettriche.

L’Antitrust detta le regole a Google – Corriere della Sera.

Of all the things I read today about Diaspora, this comment from Matt Asay really surprised me:

the best Diaspora can hope for is to help prod Facebook to improve its privacy policies and communication about them.

Come on, Matt! Give these kids a break. Do you really think that the best that Ubuntu can hope is to make Windows run better?

I think that the best Diaspora can hope is to build an alternative to Facebook that works, is easy to use for anybody and that also respects privacy of its users. That’s not so difficult. As Moglen said, all pieces are out there and the free software/open source movement built them. We just need some kid that glues them in a nice, easy to use package. Sounds like what Ubuntu did for the desktop. I cheer for the newly-grads.

via Facebook has problems, Diaspora isn’t one of them | The Open Road – CNET News.

  • Finalmente l'orribile Blair e i suoi laburisti tornano in minoranza. Troppo tardi, visti i danni che hanno fatto in GB e nel mondo. #
  • This aquisition will make using free software as simple as turning the light on with a switch http://is.gd/bYQlf 🙂 #
Ryzom is a Massive Multyplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), a beautiful one, with a very big universe and a lot of users. With the help of FSF, Winch Gate Properties, the copyright holders of Ryzom, released the server and the client under the Affero GPLv3 (Fabrizio is right, it’s a good license for modern networked world) and now Ryzom is free, as in freedom. Not free as in beer. As Peter Brown said in FSF’s announcement

If you want to run your own server for the game, you have the software to do that, but you won’t really have any world data—information about geography, special places, characters, quests, items, and so on—to run it with.

It makes perfect sense to sell access to such data, not software licenses. All gaming companies should learn from this. Meanwhile, have a look at the Ryzom videos and if you’re a fan, start playing.


Ryzom Teaser 10 from Ryzom on Vimeo.