Go, Diaspora, go

Of all the things I read today about Diaspora, this comment from Matt Asay really surprised me:

the best Diaspora can hope for is to help prod Facebook to improve its privacy policies and communication about them.

Come on, Matt! Give these kids a break. Do you really think that the best that Ubuntu can hope is to make Windows run better?

I think that the best Diaspora can hope is to build an alternative to Facebook that works, is easy to use for anybody and that also respects privacy of its users. That’s not so difficult. As Moglen said, all pieces are out there and the free software/open source movement built them. We just need some kid that glues them in a nice, easy to use package. Sounds like what Ubuntu did for the desktop. I cheer for the newly-grads.

via Facebook has problems, Diaspora isn’t one of them | The Open Road – CNET News.


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