Breaking the Email Addiction

Reading this made me think that my piece about the limitations of email at work is overdue. In Breaking the Email Addiction author Tony Schwartz argues that email distracts people from life (work and everything else) and must be cured as you would cure an addiction.

We’re pulled to anything that provides instant gratification, even when we know we’d get a bigger reward for delaying. We’re also quick to respond to any excuse to stop working on something that is difficult and requires high concentration.

That all seems correct. My argument for less email at work focuses on discovering of information within the corporation. Now I only need to cure myself from the email addition and finish writing my piece 🙂

First thing: Love your community

I’m glad that

Compiere certainly did not fail due to its technology. It failed due to lack of sales and marketing expertise, execution and the wrong bet to “upgrade” open source minded partners and customers to a traditional, commercial model.

Compiere’s experience shows that it’s very difficult to change the terms of an existing relationship with your community, developers/contributors and channel. It’s not enough to balance proprietary and open source components but you also need to keep the whole ecosystem happy while doing so. You need to make sure your community feels your love: that’s what Compiere failed to do.

via Compiere Open Source failed? (Compiere from the Source).

Things I said on 2010-06-27

  • mancano le firme degli economisti del MIP. Per fortuna, direi. Dovrebbe chiamarsi 'Lettera di alcuni economisti' #
  • adoro i ragazzacci di #nfa gli esponenti della sinistra televisiva parlano a casaccio di concorrenza e di antitrust #
  • the #Funambol new Cloud API are almost ready to be announced officially. Now it's time to think about soccer: what's up with Italy's team? #
  • Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool #
  • #Funambol USA office is all pumped up by the great victory of US team. Me more by the upcoming release of Cloud API 🙂 #
  • I have just nominated [Funambol for Android] at the Gettie Awards 2010 check it out now at #
  • The new #Funambol Cloud API #capi are ready for developers #
  • #Funambol new Mac OS X sync client looks awesome and syncs calendar too #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol integration development phase is proceeding according to the plans. The new release v8.7 is getting closer #demomeeting #

Things I said on 2010-06-20

  • Vuvuzela are annoying you? Filter that buzz out with GNU/Linux #
  • Join a community, land a great job, like Janet did for #Mozilla Foundation #
  • il sindacato difensore dell'indifendibile affossa Pomigliano per difendere gli assenteisti #
  • Do you like the new sticker from Defective by Design? #dbd #
  • does anybody else find it strange that Information Management is not in Linkedin Answers under Business Operations? #
  • Nice: Facebook still doesn't understand how Facebook really works. Isn't it about time they learned? #
  • Palm will pay out $1 Million in cash and HP products to the most successful apps in the App Catalog #
  • #SyncEvolution 1.0 released. Adds sync capability with #Funambol to GNOME Evolution. Congratulations to the team #
  • ♺ @Jason: Twitter Advertising Platform to Include "Promoted Trends" < one more thing to ignore #
  • How do you backup your phone? I voted Other – #Funambol on the poll #
  • Gotta love the availability of public data: beautiful topo-infographics of San Francisco crime maps #
  • ♺ @carlopiana: The problem with France is that they sent their handball national team… Serves them right! Ireland, Ireland! #
  • Apple doesn't know how to be fair in digital world. Their HTML5 demo work only on Mac: why FLOSS people defend them? #
  • ♺ @4vanger: Chinese #DX sells iPhone 4G plates earlier then Apple 🙂 > Do they think it breaks easily? #

Do you like the new sticker from Defective by Design?

The campaign to free the digital world from Digital Restrictions Management just got a new sticker. The old one is on my laptop’s screen represents the famous iPod silhouettes with white wires acting as shackles. It was a simple and powerful design. The new one is a the famous 1984 Apple ad, but I’m not sure its message is as clear as before. It also seems to give a sense of ‘victory’ for Apple fans: they now rule the digital world –with shackles, ok, but still winning.

Is it just me or you also think that you’ll have to explain the new sticker to your non-geek friends?

Join a community, land a great job

Joining a community not only makes you feel better but can land you a great job. Janet Swisher has been contributing to the online community FLOSS Manuals writing documentation for free/libre software. In a message to the community she wrote:

I hadn’t been looking for a new job, but I was contacted by someone at Mozilla about a position they had open. […]
I think it’s fair to say that being involved in FLOSS Manuals helped me get a job at Mozilla.

I’ve seen this happening often at Funambol where many of the people active in the community have been hired. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, its a good investment for your future to make your passion visible.

A Techie Tech Writer Blog » First week at Mozilla.

Things I said on 2010-06-13

  • I did my first video call in Italy over 7 years ago. I was not impressed then and #iPhone 4 is not impressing me with it either #
  • I giornalisti imparino a fare domande ai politici: “Ma quali premi – dice – io pagherei per vincere il Mondiale” #nFA #
  • Wife made me watch #Glee and now she will have to listen my rant about copyright #schadenfreude #
  • great WWDC parties last night from #Nokia and #Palm Too bad I didn’t get a free phone, only free drinks 🙂 #
  • pkill gwibber has become my most used command 🙁 what’s going on with this package? #Ubuntu #
  • Between a rock and a hard place: get non-free software that rocks or go with custom development using an open source framework? #
  • Community manager dilemma: use #Confluence or build custom on #Drupal What would you do w/ one developer and almost no cash? #
  • I remember the day in 2003 when Italian country manager for SCO as spread FUD: put this in your pipe now #gloating #
  • Andalusia rocks ♺ @ruiseabra: #ubuntu #schools #es #
  • soccer is so unfair no wonder Americans hate it. Basketball has instant replay, Irish fans can’t see their team by mistake #
  • last #Funambol iteration before entering stabilization phase. Following #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol C++ client worked on fixing bugs on Windows Mobile #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol on iPhone OS4 successfully managed to read pictures from iPhone. Sync is coming next #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol on #Android sync client added Client-to-Server push #demomeeting #
  • #Funambol Android adding also Calendar sync support on newest version of the OS #demomeeting #
  • about soccer being an unfair sport, France team is in the world cup thanks to an illegal goal not seen by referees. Instant replay now! #

Una splendida sintesi della situazione italiana

Quanta verità in poche parole:

Chi sono allora, questi di nFA? Cani sciolti. Schegge impazzite. Variabili non controllabili. Gente difficile da predire, pronta a dar botte a destra e a manca. Ecco, la nostra impressione è che è stata in buona misura questo aspetto a generare diffidenza e limitare la volontà di dibattere con noi. La forma usuale in cui si svolge il dibattito politico italiano è quello dello scambio di accuse reciproco basato sulla reazione epidermica identitaria, un dibattito che soprattutto in politica economica tende a oscurare l’impressionante similarità delle pratiche effettive di governo nei due schieramenti, oltre che la comune povertà dell’elaborazione teorica. Non essendo noi facilmente incasellabili, questo stile di dibattito ovviamente era precluso. Che restava? Restava, abbiamo scoperto, il niente.

via noiseFromAmeriKa : La presentazione del libro a Trento: chi c’è e chi non c’è.

Things I said on 2010-06-06

  • why mobile app markets are dangerous for all users, free/open source included: the gatekeeper abuses of its power #
  • does usage increase once your open source app gets in Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora repository? Looking for evidence: anybody has some? #
  • Giornalisti di #WiredIt "alcuni lavorano con me da 1 anno senza stipendio" non è qualcosa di cui vantarsi #ovo #
  • Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad. This guy should not be allowed to talk to the press #