Things I said on 2010-06-20

  • Vuvuzela are annoying you? Filter that buzz out with GNU/Linux #
  • Join a community, land a great job, like Janet did for #Mozilla Foundation #
  • il sindacato difensore dell'indifendibile affossa Pomigliano per difendere gli assenteisti #
  • Do you like the new sticker from Defective by Design? #dbd #
  • does anybody else find it strange that Information Management is not in Linkedin Answers under Business Operations? #
  • Nice: Facebook still doesn't understand how Facebook really works. Isn't it about time they learned? #
  • Palm will pay out $1 Million in cash and HP products to the most successful apps in the App Catalog #
  • #SyncEvolution 1.0 released. Adds sync capability with #Funambol to GNOME Evolution. Congratulations to the team #
  • β™Ί @Jason: Twitter Advertising Platform to Include "Promoted Trends" < one more thing to ignore #
  • How do you backup your phone? I voted Other – #Funambol on the poll #
  • Gotta love the availability of public data: beautiful topo-infographics of San Francisco crime maps #
  • β™Ί @carlopiana: The problem with France is that they sent their handball national team… Serves them right! Ireland, Ireland! #
  • Apple doesn't know how to be fair in digital world. Their HTML5 demo work only on Mac: why FLOSS people defend them? #
  • β™Ί @4vanger: Chinese #DX sells iPhone 4G plates earlier then Apple πŸ™‚ > Do they think it breaks easily? #