Things I said on 2010-07-25

  • If you're at #oscon and want to meet, these are the sessions where you'll find me most likely in the next days #
  • mobile development is fun and easy w/ #titanium #appcelerator It doesn't work out of the box on Ubuntu though #fail #
  • #Symbian And Nitobi #PhoneGap Simplify Cross-Platform Mobile App Development #oscon #
  • the #health track on #oscon reminded me that #Funambol community has something for the topic #
  • god, gwibber is such a mess: it almost never wakes up correctly when I suspend my #ubuntu machine. Any known fix? #
  • I miss a good #statusnet client for #symbian #
  • testing the UI for files download at @sourceforge and LOVING the sftp access. Funambol v87 RC1 is available there #
  • Well done European Legal Network @FSFE: working Paper on the legal implications of 'linking' free software #fsf #
  • no way: Pirate Party launched PirateISP. Get popcorn: you want to watch this movie #
  • #openstack is the first big good news for free software at #oscon#
  • debated with @webmink and @sogrady about open core during #cloudsummit coffee break #oscon Need to write down my thoughts on the topic #
  • Symbian is working on a different paradigm for mobile appstore called horizon. Interesting approach #oscon #
  • symbian open source effort seems full of obstacles: phone manufacturers need to cooperate. Nokia: release symbian dev phone! #
  • Compiling Symbian^4 will still require a proprietary compiler. Help port to GCC #oscon #
  • I love the Software Freedom Fighters project of #Symbian Does anybody like the GNUvara artwork? seriously #oscon #
  • Recurring question: Why isn't Nokia delivering a dev phone that can be flashed to run #Symbian open source? #oscon #
  • the effect of Nokia not showing love the #symbian open source #community is in this chart #oscon #
  • Open Augmented Reality framework on #Symbian #oscon #
  • ♺ @caostheory: Andrew Oliver offers "a simple declaration about open core". #
  • #Phonegap for cross platform mobile development: cool stuf. Surprisingly missing calendar API but has everything else 🙂 #oscon #
  • #java is not part of #symbian open source (but it's on the devices) but #python is (but needs to be installed on devices). Weird. #
  • ♺ @shapado: Shapado to get great support for Launchpad integration #ubuntu #canonical #
  • the roadmap of QT on #symbian looks very sweet! #oscon #
  • ignite #oscon lightning talks. geeks are funny too. And free beer #
  • 3 minutes talk should not be about talking fast. Man, some of us are not native speakers 🙂 #oscon #
  • #crossfit ah? Who knew that geeks at #oscon think of fitness. Sign that open source is mainstream #
  • Finally I got what does. Thanks #oscon ignite 🙂 #
  • the sipping point: a story of cappuccino in San Francisco #
  • Can you explain what free software is? go to #FSF booth #oscon and talk to people -please ♺ #
  • Funambol has some experience about financial incentives in open source projects #oscon #cash #
  • corporate control of free software is not necessarily bad. And the right to fork is still there #oscon #cash #
  • Do you know the free software ecosystem? match the mascots on libreplanet tshirt with their project at #fsf booth #oscon – pls ♺ #
  • The issue with serving asparagus at a big convention lunch is that they leave a too clear mark in the restrooms #oscon #
  • it's so good to see the #fsf software 4 freedoms illustrated as solid pragmatic values by OSI Director @webmink #oscon #
  • opencore is bait and switch #oscon #
  • transfering my contacts to the Nexus One using #Funambol Man, all migrations should be so easy #oscon #android #
  • ♺ @webmink: Android hands-on starts with UI/human factors tutorial; very telling priority. #OSCON #
  • First pic from my new android phone #
  • Zimbra OSE and Palm Pre/Pixi WebOS with #Funambol as long term goal. Good idea #
  • we were talking about this over lunch @funambol ♺ @lwnnet: Droid X rooted, bootloader still locked #

Notes to develop Funambol for Android in Eclipse

I want to share the notes I took when setting up Funambol for Android in Eclipse. I hope somebody can review them and let me know if they work.

Start with installing Sun java SDK and install Android SDK. I followed the instructions on

To install Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) I used the tarball from, didn’t use the .deb provided in Ubuntu because I think it would have installed openjdk which is not compatible with Android SDK.  Install Google API for Android 2.1 using the ADT Plugin for Eclipse (follow instructions on At this point you should be able to build the HelloWorld app for Android.

In order to build Funambol for Android you need to checkout the source

$ svn checkout android-client –username guest

(or user your own login name). Look at README.txt and make sure to install ant ant-optional javacc (you should already have java sdk, unzip and subversion). Also you need to get ant-contrib v. 0.6 in order to build Funambol. Download it from the old release repository. Unzip it and put the jar file where you prefer. Later you’ll have to tell Eclipse where to find it.

$ sudo cp ~/tmp/ant-contrib-0.6/lib/ant-contrib-0.6.jar /usr/share/ant/lib/

Copy the file as described in Funambol Android README.txt and configure it.

$ cp

There is a small issue with the build.xml file so unless you checked out the source code in your home folder under /funambol/build/android/ you’ll have to edit line 10 of build.xml and fix the path in order for to be read.

Now it’s time to start Eclipse and import the project: start a New Project and pick Android project type, pick Create from existing source and navigate to the directory where you checked out Funambol for Android. Assign a name to the project, set the build target and hit Finish.

Add the ant-contrib 0.6 jar to Eclipse: go to Window -> Preferences. Navigate to Ant -> Global Entries and Add external jar ant-contrib-0.6.jar.

Now open build.xml from Funambol Project in Eclipse and hit ‘run’. This will trigger the Ant build process. Use defaults. Once that’s done you’ll need to configure the project to use the external jars that the build has just created. Go to the project properties and add all jars in external-libs/ to the Java Build Path.  You’ll need to delete that was created by ant build because Eclipse ADT plugin will try to create a new one and the two conflict.

$ rm [your path]src/com/funambol/android/

This was enough for me to get started building Funambol for Android. I’m sure there are more other things to address, for example AndroidManifest.xml shows the following error:

Multiple annotations found at this line:
– error: Error: No resource type specified (at ‘versionCode’ with
value ‘@@@application.version.code@@@’).
– error: Error: No resource type specified (at ‘versionName’ with
value ‘@@@application.version@@@’).

I had to put static values in order to be able to run the Funambol app in the emulator using Eclipse. For the long term it may be a good idea to add an eclipse target in build.xml that doesn’t generate

A path to design social apps that don’t suck

Existing social networking apps suck because human social interactions is simply more complex than adding a ‘friend’. This presentation shows quite clearly why Facebook sucks and the email/phone addressbooks suck, too. Take a full 40 minutes to read it carefully and then watch it again.

Things I said on 2010-07-18

Buy unlocked Android phones

When you buy an Android phone you’re not necessarily buying a phone with an free/open source operating system. Most of Android operating system is licensed in a way that allows manufacturers to lock down the device and make it physically impossible to install new and better software. Bradley Kuhn wrote an interesting article after Motorola finally admitted that they don’t want users to exercise their freedom:

the company just doesn’t believe users deserve the right to install improved versions of their software. At least they admit their contempt for their customers.

The lesson here is not to buy phones from Motorola and buy Google ADP1 or Nexus One which allow improvements to be installed.

Things I said on 2010-07-11

  • Oh god! ♺ @glynmoody: MySQL founder seeks to challenge Oracle's acquisition of Sun – #mysql #oracle #
  • looking for a room to share at #OSCON Anybody interested please contact me #
  • I got used very rapidly to the new position of windows open/close widgets on #Ubuntu Was there too much fuss for nothing? #
  • ♺ @nico_mar: anti-postcard perfect armchair travel: Oliviero Toscani wants your ugly photos of Italy RT @hackneye #
  • I love this kind of stuff: ♺ @nico_mar: 6 Pencils + Rubber Bands = iPad Stand #
  • I feel sorry for those that don't understand Spanish: Univision soccer comments are pure poetry! ESPN guys suck badly #
  • Do Italians prefer facebook because it's hard to be verbose in 140 chars? #
  • F*?k #gwibber Man, a reply from private inbox should be a direct message not a @ reply #
  • will it be safe to take BART to go to a meetup downtown after Oscar Grant verdict? #
  • ♺ @PamelaInTuscany Shooting the pics of the recipes for the new book Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking. Will be out Fall 2011! #
  • ♺ @funambol: Do you want to sync #Thunderbird contacts/calendar with syncml (like #Funambol ? Help develop the addon #
  • Don't miss the analysis of Open Source Project Management Tools by @galoppini #sosopensource #
  • che tristezza apprendere che il mio percorso di jogging preferito nel bosco di Lucera è andato in fumo #

Things I said on 2010-07-04

  • ♺ @funambol: Qualcomm's Brew Mobile Platform Continues to Gain Traction with Support of 3Pre Partners: #
  • ♺ @sflc: The SFLC's initial reaction to Bilski. More to come: #
  • povero paese mio: È giovane ma anche vecchio. Non ha un pensiero, ma finge di averlo #
  • First thing: Love your community. The #Compiere case #
  • The Lack Of A Billion Dollar Pureplay Open Source Software Company Shows The Market Is Working Properly @Techdirt #
  • digging into #Funambol numbers and I like what I see so far. Some metrics are skyrocketing. #
  • Neat: StatusNet Inc Launches Open Source StatusNet Desktop Client < hope it will help improve gwibber #
  • Does your open source project use #agile development? Participate in this survey I answered for @Funambol #
  • Dear #Apple users: stop complaining, return the damn phone and get the money back. Or get a life! #
  • Ghana lost because of an unfair play by Uruguay. Remind me again why so many people like it? #