Things I said on 2010-07-04

  • ♺ @funambol: Qualcomm's Brew Mobile Platform Continues to Gain Traction with Support of 3Pre Partners: #
  • ♺ @sflc: The SFLC's initial reaction to Bilski. More to come: #
  • povero paese mio: È giovane ma anche vecchio. Non ha un pensiero, ma finge di averlo #
  • First thing: Love your community. The #Compiere case #
  • The Lack Of A Billion Dollar Pureplay Open Source Software Company Shows The Market Is Working Properly @Techdirt #
  • digging into #Funambol numbers and I like what I see so far. Some metrics are skyrocketing. #
  • Neat: StatusNet Inc Launches Open Source StatusNet Desktop Client < hope it will help improve gwibber #
  • Does your open source project use #agile development? Participate in this survey I answered for @Funambol #
  • Dear #Apple users: stop complaining, return the damn phone and get the money back. Or get a life! #
  • Ghana lost because of an unfair play by Uruguay. Remind me again why so many people like it? #