Things I said on 2010-07-11

  • Oh god! ♺ @glynmoody: MySQL founder seeks to challenge Oracle's acquisition of Sun – #mysql #oracle #
  • looking for a room to share at #OSCON Anybody interested please contact me #
  • I got used very rapidly to the new position of windows open/close widgets on #Ubuntu Was there too much fuss for nothing? #
  • ♺ @nico_mar: anti-postcard perfect armchair travel: Oliviero Toscani wants your ugly photos of Italy RT @hackneye #
  • I love this kind of stuff: ♺ @nico_mar: 6 Pencils + Rubber Bands = iPad Stand #
  • I feel sorry for those that don't understand Spanish: Univision soccer comments are pure poetry! ESPN guys suck badly #
  • Do Italians prefer facebook because it's hard to be verbose in 140 chars? #
  • F*?k #gwibber Man, a reply from private inbox should be a direct message not a @ reply #
  • will it be safe to take BART to go to a meetup downtown after Oscar Grant verdict? #
  • ♺ @PamelaInTuscany Shooting the pics of the recipes for the new book Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking. Will be out Fall 2011! #
  • ♺ @funambol: Do you want to sync #Thunderbird contacts/calendar with syncml (like #Funambol ? Help develop the addon #
  • Don't miss the analysis of Open Source Project Management Tools by @galoppini #sosopensource #
  • che tristezza apprendere che il mio percorso di jogging preferito nel bosco di Lucera è andato in fumo #