Things I said on 2010-08-01

  • do I really have to pay to unlock the Palm Pre I won #oscon I thought the choice was CDMA vs GSM, not strictly the carriers ๐Ÿ™ #HP #
  • โ™บ @sflc: Eben Moglen is giving a talk at DebConf 10 next week, "How We Can Be the Silver Lining of the Cloud": #
  • Luddismo paternalismo fascismo corporativismo e conflitto di interesse: La RAI non mostra piรน la moviola dopo partita #
  • another day, another threat to freedom: ultraviolet (or ultravioleNt) #drm #dbd #
  • โ™บ @sflc: DebConf10 starts this Sunday. Eben Moglen and @bkuhn are giving talks: #
  • Connected devices: watch the pictures you synced on myFUNAMBOL server from your HD TV using #Funambol Cloud API #
  • I need a Windows machine to unlock the Palm Pre phone that I won at #OSCON Massive #fail HP: why can't they get unlock codes from AT&T? #
  • uso creativo di twitter in italiano: satira in 140 caratteri #
  • Massive #caltrain #fail trains are as late as trenitalia during national crisis. 50min late on such simple network is unjustifieable #