Things I said on 2010-09-12

  • should I be impressed by Google Instant? Why? #googleinstant #
  • Marea non viene da mare ma da magis area Nei trattati scientifici medievali era abbreviato in m.area #treccani #
  • Tintarella è una parola napoletana filtrata poi nell’italiano primonovecentesco: come tarantella, pulcinella Splendido #treccani #
  • Eroe o pirla a non emigrare? Solo mezza cattedra e 600 euro al mese al miglior prof d'Italia – Milano #
  • RT @4vanger: Impressive – wikipedia wars on a timeline: #
  • Another distortion caused by US carriers: phones are expensive or come with crapware !android #
  • Mi manca la settimana della moda a Milano? Un po', ma compenso con Fashion Week NY via twitter #NYFW #
  • The carriers are ruining Android #
  • every time I see the word 'Link' for URI I think of the silly Bing commercial and want to scream LOS LINKS!!!! #
  • Finally: Guess What, You Don’t Own That Software You Bought #
  • ♺ @fabricapo: Why did the iPad miss a camera? Because they were not ready with FaceTime and did not want to give Skype a push New iPad soon #