Things I said on 2010-12-12

  • strange how so many people believe censorship happens more often than bugs in code! My bets are on bugs #wikileaks #
  • Bolivian government setup a partial mirror of #wikileaks docs with powerful infographic #
  • Amazon sfratta #wikileaks PayPal taglia i fondi Su Twitter @wikileaks resta attivo Eppure Twitter è accusata di censura Non torna #
  • MUNI: 70 minutes to get to the office. ATM Milano is still worse, but close #
  • OMG, they made the Space Monolith Action Figure #
  • Corporate change: Contributing to open source via @AddThis #
  • The FBI Arbitrarily Covers Up Evidence of Misconduct: Is This the Transparency Obama Promised? #
  • Milano ti spia? No, ascolta le conversazioni online. A Wired Italia dovrebbero imparare a scrivere i titoli #
  • Hello OAuth, it's me authorization #
  • RT @twitter_it: Fa tendenza o non fa tendenza? speriamo questo metta fine alle polemiche su #wikileaks e Twitter #
  • lo swarovsky che uccide Mi spiace per la donna colpita #
  • Se Telecom facesse la telecom invece di inventarsi mestieri nuovi non staremmo a parlare di Net Neutrality #
  • «La verità sul mio incontro con Zidane» – Corriere della Sera #
  • RT @avizaaj: Going to listen to Xiao Qiang speak on China's internet censorship at Twitter HQ #
  • Bellissimi suggerimenti arrivati finora! Quale suggerimento daresti ad un amico che inizia a usare Twitter? #matricole #
  • RT @david_hayden: IE9 dead last in browser speed tests and found lacking in other comparisons: #
  • I bet a beer that the iPad2 will NOT have two cameras: I can't see one valid use case for it #
  • Want To Know Why Visa & Mastercard Cut Off Wikileaks? Because Its Latest Leak Was About Them… via @Techdirt #
  • bravo @cdaffara! now dumping Symbian's full Mercurial repository #
  • SF Muni is the shit, liquid and sprayed all over humanity! Worst than anything else I've seen, 3rd world included #