Things I said on 2011-01-30

  • RT @carlopiana: served a class action against MSFT for bundling & refusal to reimbourse Windows, for ADUC #
  • so many people missing the point: Apple is just one name, we should all be aware of how the things we use are made #
  • RT @tpmmedia: Anti-Trust Battle Brewing Over iPad Magazine Subscriptions #
  • Pare che Lerner le abbia cantate a Berlusconi in trasmissione. Peccato che la diretta non sia disponibile oltreoceano #
  • Il "postribolo televisivo": ecco il video della chiamata di B a Lerner #
  • il Postribolo Televisivo è anche su youtube: #
  • il confronto tra editori di giornali e Apple si posta in Europa: antitrust chiamata in causa in Belgio #
  • Another disillusioned MUNI driver and another 20min wasted blocked in a tunnel for no apparent reason MUNI #fail #
  • Ciao Academy, ti tolgo l’amicizia | Masquerade #
  • Dopo Tunisia ed Egitto, con trepidazione aspetto notizie dall'Italia #
  • OMG! Wikipedia has a list of numbers and it's incomplete! Dah: of course it is … #
  • E questo chiude il teatro: l'opposizione in Italia non esiste. Se non riesce nemmeno a tirare giù un Bondi qualsiasi #
  • New Android App Helps You Determine if a Product Is a Good Buy #
  • Startup launches crowdfunding model for photojournalists | IJNet via @AddThis #
  • Tutte le volte che va in onda #annozero in Italia i temi di tendenza di Twitter degenerano sul volgare … o è la politica che è degenerata? #
  • Cool stuff: Evernote – Livescribe Pairing is a True Reeses Moment #Macworld 2011 #
  • this is very good stuff, like an open source version of FourSquare #geocoding @ushahidi #
  • Interesting reading for ones interested in freemium business models: 27% of Linkedin revenue from premium members #
  • This year I will follow the SuperBowl for the first time and it will be very special #
  • Why and how to use Funambol Cloud APIs: #

Things I said on 2011-01-23

  • Condivisibile: L'immagine imbarazzata di un Paese #
  • com'è bello andare in giro in Vespa –senza casco? 🙂 #
  • go #
  • unfav laura #
  • bio #
  • bio stefano #
  • bio smaffulli #
  • invita #
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  • imposta io #
  • la fibra persa a Lodi #
  • Work inbox zeroed! Family and friends inbox is a whole different thing. Weekend has started! #

Patents have become landmines

After many years trying to export the US ‘intellectual property’ laws to the rest of the world, China has find a way to use the stupidity of the American patent system against Americans.

Finally, commentators admit that Chinese patents will serve as land mines for foreign businesses. Doh! Great comment from @vwadhwa on TechCrunch:

This is a battle we can’t win. The Chinese economy will be littered with millions of stumbling blocks for foreign business. These companies will have to offer up their intellectual property in exchange for Chinese intellectual property—in the same way that IBM and Microsoft trade patents. Or they will have to pay license fees to enter the Chinese market. And China may challenge the U.S. globally with its new patents as it plans to do with 4G.

This was mainly the argument we used at FSFE to push the European Union to the reject the US-sponsored directive that would have legalized software patents in EU. European citizens won that battle and I’m so glad I had the possibility to help win it.  The suggestion from the author is:

It’s best to disarm before it is too late.That means reforming the patent system. We really don’t need software patents, and we really don’t need patents in other technologies that evolve rapidly.

Read the rest: Let’s Compete on Innovation Rather Than Patents.

Things I said on 2011-01-16

  • Non capisco come mai così tanta gente in giro letteralmente in mutande a SF. Mi sono perso qualcosa? #
  • Microsoft is defeated. Now the free software movement needs a new oppositor. Will it be Apple or Oracle? #
  • RT @creativecommons SF Bay Area: tomorrow in Mtn View @dpatil @karengifford @naypinya & @timoreilly speak on openness in a data-driven w … #
  • You can distribute GPL software on Android Market but what about the 'complete install instructions' of GPLv3? #
  • More reasons to use HttpsEverywhere: Tunisian government harvesting usernames and passwords #eff #
  • Funambol client on my Nokia wanted to be upgraded. Done. Smooth. Sync. Yeah! #
  • Just amazing: Construction by teams of quadrotor drones via @make #

Apple and software freedom clashing again

Another app has to be removed from the Apple iTunes mobile App Store. This time, after GNU Go, it’s the iOS port of the popular free VLC Player because the terms of the GNU General Public License are incompatible with those of Apple’s store.

Difficult situation and I still think that the best way out is for FSF to sponsor a mobile app repository for free software applications. What would be better?

via How to avoid public GPL floggings on Apple’s App Store | ZDNet.

Things I said on 2011-01-09

  • how many failed to get to the office in time today due to #apple #ios #fail Don't buy CRAP #
  • What Could Have Been Entering the Public Domain on January 1, 2011? #
  • Fe-no-me-na-le! Dan Peterson torna ad allenare l'Olimpia Milano a 75 anni! #
  • Must read if you want to understand how to buy microSD cards. Filled with many interesting data #
  • Le grandi opere in Italia hanno tre caratteristiche peculiari: inutilità, costi enormi, pericolosità. @mar_dipi #
  • Google excluded from public tenders in USA. Was FOSS even considered? #
  • I want to be a Ringmaster when I grow up #hbr #
  • Apple just got its own version of application repository, like any GNU/Linux distro had for 20 years. They're catching up. #
  • Wife got for me membership at #TechShop going to build my furniture. Now, if only there was a decent solid modeler for GNU/Linux 🙁 #
  • RT @webmink closes down the open source Dimdim telepresence project it just bought: #
  • Continua l'insulso 'Click Day' tradizione italiana di rendere complessi i concetti semplici #
  • we felt the earthquake at Twitter offices too #

The master hack of mr. Zuckerberg

Eben Moglen mentioned not too long ago Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg saying:

Mr. Zuckerberg has […] done more harm to the human race than anybody else his age

I wonder if he foresaw also that this golden boy would also try to hack the US financial system and get funds from Wall Street without actually going to Wall Street. And meanwhile he may be creating a new bubble, with the help of Goldman Sachs, supported by US tax money, according to Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF.

I have the feeling that if the SEC lets it go, this financial hack may be remembered as Zuckerberg’s master hack.

Things I said on 2011-01-02