Things I said on 2011-02-27

The future of Free Software

Eben Moglen is helping Free Software to keep the promise of a free society. In his keynote speech at FOSDEM Moglen has laid out the foundation for the future of the Free Software movement: make sure that digital communication between people remains free.

Our freedom depends on reengineering the network to replace vulnerable, centralized services with alternatives which resist government control.

He identified the enemy (the data-mining industry, lead by corporation and governments around the world), gave the enemy a name and an easy target (Facebook) and he gave an action plan (the Freedom Box).

Freedom Box is the name we give to a free software system built to keep your communications free and private whether chatting with friends or protesting in the street.

I noted that he didn’t mention Twitter in his speech, and I think I know why. First of all Twitter has a good track of records when it comes to step up against government requests. What I believe is Moglen’s most clear reason to mention only Facebook is that he wants to give one target to the crowd, and a fat, easy one, too. Facebook must be the evil, much like Microsoft was the only big, fat target for all FSF’s propaganda (not Autodesk or or Adobe or Oracle or IBM).

It’s important to donate now on Kickstarter: Push the FreedomBox Foundation from 0 to 60 in 30 days. I hope that FSF and FSFE now donate to this project, too: I’d be really surprised if they don’t.
PS If you want to read more here are some articles: NY Times, WSJ, BoingBoing, Slashdot, reddit, ZDNet, The New York Observer, New Europe, techPresident, LWN.

Things I said on 2011-02-20

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Things I said on 2011-02-06

  • RT @astro_paolo: Il monte di #Portofino si riconoscono #Rapallo e Santa Margherita #magISStra #Italia #
  • RT @jeanpaul: Call +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855 to leave a tweet and hear tweets. #egypt #
  • tutti gli amici italiani hanno già visto Arcore's Nights? carabinier, magistrate,lele mora tutti #
  • Vergogna al giornalista e al deputato: Giornalisti CHE COSA SERVITE A FARE SE NON A DENUNCIARE NOMI E COGNOMI!? #
  • the saddest thing of living in San Francisco is to realize that a flight home is too long to go to a funeral #
  • Good thing I developed the habit to log out of services when I don't use them (evil facebook in primis) #
  • Using Win Phone 7 for Nokia is like betting on a dead horse. IMHO should go Android, slap OVI suite (incl. Store) on it and ride a winner #
  • Italy is getting ready to put access to Internet under strict control again 30 days after freeing wifi access (in IT) #
  • Egypt and Tunisia have scared the Italian gov: they're confusing the rules on public wifi access again #
  • Not only Egypt: #thai web editor faces 80 years in jail for reader posts, trial starts Feb. 4 #freejiew #
  • I nominate @astro_paolo for a Shorty Award in #science because his daily reports from space are amazing! The earth is beautiful #
  • I nominate @astro_paolo for a Shorty Award in #science because #
  • #freejiew faces the possibility of an 82-year sentence for posting comments critical of Thailand’s monarchy #
  • Microsoft advocates for higher fees to file patents: only the richest should be inventors? Typical via @amac #swpat #
  • Interesting factoid: The scholar suffered from constipation and spent many hours in contemplation on the toilet seat. #
  • Pranks on Facebook using crowdsourced translations: funny as long as you fix them fast #