Things I said on 2011-02-06

  • RT @astro_paolo: Il monte di #Portofino si riconoscono #Rapallo e Santa Margherita #magISStra #Italia #
  • RT @jeanpaul: Call +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855 to leave a tweet and hear tweets. #egypt #
  • tutti gli amici italiani hanno già visto Arcore's Nights? carabinier, magistrate,lele mora tutti #
  • Vergogna al giornalista e al deputato: Giornalisti CHE COSA SERVITE A FARE SE NON A DENUNCIARE NOMI E COGNOMI!? #
  • the saddest thing of living in San Francisco is to realize that a flight home is too long to go to a funeral #
  • Good thing I developed the habit to log out of services when I don't use them (evil facebook in primis) #
  • Using Win Phone 7 for Nokia is like betting on a dead horse. IMHO should go Android, slap OVI suite (incl. Store) on it and ride a winner #
  • Italy is getting ready to put access to Internet under strict control again 30 days after freeing wifi access (in IT) #
  • Egypt and Tunisia have scared the Italian gov: they're confusing the rules on public wifi access again #
  • Not only Egypt: #thai web editor faces 80 years in jail for reader posts, trial starts Feb. 4 #freejiew #
  • I nominate @astro_paolo for a Shorty Award in #science because his daily reports from space are amazing! The earth is beautiful #
  • I nominate @astro_paolo for a Shorty Award in #science because #
  • #freejiew faces the possibility of an 82-year sentence for posting comments critical of Thailand’s monarchy #
  • Microsoft advocates for higher fees to file patents: only the richest should be inventors? Typical via @amac #swpat #
  • Interesting factoid: The scholar suffered from constipation and spent many hours in contemplation on the toilet seat. #
  • Pranks on Facebook using crowdsourced translations: funny as long as you fix them fast #