Socialist party wants to ban Creative Commons Portugal in

Something is rotten in Portugal:

The Socialist Party will present this new proposal for approval in the next Government, no matter if they win the elections or not. In regards to Creative Commons, they support a vision where Creative Commons harm Culture, and in this law proposal they intend to turn them illegal.

The law proposal makes it impossible to alienate the rights that Creative Commons licenses were designed to give back to the users.

If you match this idiotic proposal with the strong push in Brasil to undo the progress made by Lula and his government with Creative Commons and Free Software you get a nasty picture of Portuguese speaking countries.

On Mind Booster Noori: Portugal’s biggest political party wants to turn Creative Commons Licenses illegal there are audio recordings and more details.




  1. Thanks for the link. I wonder what makes that ‘more reliable’. It’s definitely longer and it highlights some of the paradox that Art. 5 would introduce.

    I’ve seen very bad law proposals before, full of inapplicable and incoherent passages. Do you think this law proposal is being mis-interpreted?

  2. reliable was really a bad adjective. my point is that an issue that is unclear and it’s really on a preliminary discussion state, is unwise to rush to conclusion such x will be illegal and so on. actions like this just tend to cause and bring confusion and make even a more unclear arguments.

    i think this situation is being mis-interpreted or this is a very bad preliminar proposal, that’s for sure.
    something like making free (gratis and/or libre) illegal is certainly unconstitutional in Portugal.

    • Stupid and bad law proposals should be stopped immediately. I’m not in Portugal and I don’t follow Portuguese politics, but based on my past experience with Italian and EU regulation, I believe that the sooner we highlight flaws in bad law proposals, the better it is. Proposals that have been highly criticized and ridiculed are easier to reject or amend later.

      If it’s a bad preliminary proposal coming from a party that seem to be under the influence of powerful pro-copyright lobbyist we should spare no ammunition and shoot massively at it. The time for rational analysis and negotiation is later, not now.