Is Google Docs the weakest link in Chromebook?

Interesting thoughts on what Google should do to take over Windows with its Chromebook. I don’t agree with all of it, especially I don’t think that Google Docs should necessarily get all the features of MS Word (including the unnecessary ones) in order to succeed, but definitely worth reading.

So when Google brags about the advantages of Chromebooks, I’m completely unimpressed because they are more than wiped out by the enormous sacrifices in basic compatibility and productivity that most people would have to make in order to move off Windows. The most fundamental problem is Google Docs.

There’s no way to put this politely: As a replacement for Microsoft Office, Google Docs stinks. Its word processor is adequate but limited, its spreadsheet is rudimentary, and its presentation program is so awkward and inflexible that it makes me want to throw something.

via Mobile Opportunity: Can Google’s Chromebook Break Windows?.