Stories from the most revered brand in tech

A normal day for an Apple customer:

my nine-year-old daughter, Flora, bought a new £39 iPod shuffle with her pocket money, and I treated myself to an iPhone 4. I connected the shuffle to our computer, but a message came up saying the iPod “cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.0 or later”. So I downloaded iTunes 10, but then another message popped up: “Open Failed … This package type requires Mac OS X 10.5.” It was the same story with the iPhone 4.

[… Apple support said] I could solve this by buying Leopard […] though it would cost £87.

When Microsoft does stuff like this the normal customers get very upset. Apple with its cult followers can do this and more evil stuff. Look at the comments on the original article Apple upgrades leave bitter taste on The Guardian to understand how lucky/good Apple has been at creating a cult for its brand.