Putting Firefox Mobile on Apple’s iOS

Apple doesn’t allow another browser Firefox  (apparently there are other browsers) on its iOS devices, so Firefox Mobile cannot run natively on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Enter Mozilla Home, the hack used by Mozilla Foundation to allow Mozilla desktop users to bring their data on their favorite mobile device.

The mockup of the upcoming version are awesome:


Building on Firefox Home « Ian Barlow.




  1. “Apple doesn’t allow another browser on its iOS devices,”

    That statement seems odd since there are several browsers available on the app store, and many outdo Safari, like Mercury and Mammoth.

  2. It’s not that other browsers aren’t allowed (even higher-profile browsers, like Opera) – according to Apple, any browser built for iOS must be based on the WebKit (Safari) rendering engine, and that would basically contradict Mozilla’s entire purpose.

  3. Chrome is based on webkit, but good luck getting that through the app store 🙂

    I think Apple’s stance could be more easily explained as, OK, so long as it doesn’t compete.