Things I said on 2011-06-19

  • .@glynmoody Doesn't an open standard needs wide adoption and a reference implementation? Isn't ASL more effective as reference+adoption? #
  • The good old trick. #
  • Something to keep in mind: The Next Bubble – Don’t Get Fooled Again #
  • Mozilla Marketing team is getting ready for Firefox 5 launch next week. Community briefing happening now #
  • !Firefox mobile is here to stay: momentum, innovation, user control #
  • !firefox 5 will have Do Not Track in the Privacy Pane and 3D HTML5 Video, CSS animations and Add-On Builder! #
  • Starting from !Firefox 5 updates will be available from the browser. No more 'Follow this link to upgrade' #
  • Next week release of !Firefox 5 will support this kind of 3D video on YouTube #
  • Get to know the !FreedomBox project in San Francisco: speaking at BALug June 21st, you're invited (please RT) #
  • note to self: check this out. Online video editing from Mozilla Foundation #
  • Interviews w/ Internet activists who have fueled the recent revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain cc #freedomboxfndn #