Things I said on 2011-07-10

  • ♺ @wadhwa: I think people are also cheering Google because the company is less arrogant and more customer sensitive than Facebook. #
  • bandwidth caps or traffic shaping done by the providers? I'd rather have caps and pay per use of the dumb pipe. You? #
  • facebook and skype? is this the awesome news? *yawn* #
  • ♺ @FreedomBoxFndn: Trusting the cloud: How Does Dropbox's Terms of Service Compare to Those of Other Companies? #
  • #coolstartup Turning networking into people discovery: a fun, serendipitous, interactive experience #
  • I can't believe this is the last Shuttle launch, an icon of childhood. Next rocket launches won't be the same #nasa #
  • soundtrack for the last Shuttle launch? #nasa #
  • Victims of good marketing … but aren't we all, in some way? #dilbert #
  • Richard Stallman comments about the new censorship law in Italy !freedombox #