Things I said on 2011-07-31

  • The open internet and its enemies #
  • If you read one thing today, read this: Security Theater Lessons From Utøya #
  • povera terra mia #
  • News that make you wonder… Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election #
  • Try to guess Why Google cares if you use your real name #privacy #
  • I'm thinking of building a media center distro for my Atom-based tablet: what's modern out there? Must include PDF/ebook/comic reader too #
  • ♺ @istbrunoleoni #Belgio senza #governo cresce. Italia #debitopubblico al 120% del #PIL La #politica ci salverà? #
  • The story of a survivor to Utøya massacre and Debian member #
  • Counterintuitive? Not really: "piracy" appears to increase the quality of the related goods that are being infringed upon #
  • Saudi Arabia blocks Amnesty International Web site after anti-terror law leak #censorship #
  • Pakistan censors Rolling Stone website after it published an article highlighting Pakistan's "insane military spending" #
  • A conferma che siamo governati da buffoni: Il nuovo logo del Ministero dell'Interno, forse plagio? #
  • uh oh: Paris Hilton arrives on Google. But luckily nobody forces you to follow her 🙂 #
  • Nortel, Google and the value of patents #
  • Google lost Nortel's patents now says "A patent isn’t innovation. It’s the right to block someone else from innovating" #
  • special effects at #OSCON thanks to Nebula #
  • ♺ @OpenStack: RT @hpnews: HP Announces Support for @OpenStack: #hp #cloud #
  • Patent Troll Sues Amazon Over Electronic Checkout Service #
  • screaming my frustration for Calc modifying the content of my cells instead of applying the format I choose. Had to use Gdocs #fail #
  • Unfortunately the connection Twitter -> Facebook pages is still very problematic… gotta test it again #
  • Selective Tweet is still spamming my pages with or without the # tag … even if I removed the app… annoying #
  • Removed the offending app from Facebook, it's not in the list of apps on Twitter… lets see if also this tweet goes to the wrong page #
  • What's your preferred way to post from Twitter to your Facebook pages? #
  • Why won't Intellectual Ventures answer questions about its relationship with Lodsys? #swpat #
  • new platform designed to help free software developers find money and resources for projects launched in Brazil #
  • What the 1930s fashion industry tells us about Big Content's "six strikes" plan #
  • WOW leaked private details of 35 million people ♺ @kouroshk: Basically everyone in South Korea was hacked yesterday #
  • ♺ @glynmoody: Google's WebM (VP8) allegedly infringes the rights of at least 12 patent holders – #
  • ♺ @FreedomBoxFndn: If nobody reminds Microsoft that Gmail-man does the same things as Hotmail-man, Live-man, Yahoo-man etc we will #
  • Serious Online Privacy Vulnerability Exposed for Forum Users (warning: source is conspiracy theory website) #fb #
  • Open source isn't "just" the alternative anymore, it's becoming the mainstream technology in a lot of areas. #
  • News that make me angry: how can this arrogance be tolerated? #
  • Swiss proprietary software vendors are delaying the publication as open source of software developed by federal court #
  • Funambol launched the MediaHub Video Contest: cool prizes, check it out #
  • Google Voice: My neat test…!QrOBk #kinetik #CoolApp #

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