Things I said on 2011-07-17

Things I said on 2011-07-10

  • ♺ @wadhwa: I think people are also cheering Google because the company is less arrogant and more customer sensitive than Facebook. #
  • bandwidth caps or traffic shaping done by the providers? I'd rather have caps and pay per use of the dumb pipe. You? #
  • facebook and skype? is this the awesome news? *yawn* #
  • ♺ @FreedomBoxFndn: Trusting the cloud: How Does Dropbox's Terms of Service Compare to Those of Other Companies? #
  • #coolstartup Turning networking into people discovery: a fun, serendipitous, interactive experience #
  • I can't believe this is the last Shuttle launch, an icon of childhood. Next rocket launches won't be the same #nasa #
  • soundtrack for the last Shuttle launch? #nasa #
  • Victims of good marketing … but aren't we all, in some way? #dilbert #
  • Richard Stallman comments about the new censorship law in Italy !freedombox #

A possible explanation of why Google Health failed

Interesting thoughts on the rise and death of Google Health. I’m not sure I agree with all of it, definitely it’s worth spending some time thinking about why the product failed.

Simply put, Google Health was never a true Web 2.0 application. Google Health didn’t get better the more people used it. Google didn’t get smarter every time someone made a link or search. Google certainly didn’t ‘immediately act on that information’ to improve the Google Health user experiences. The real heart of Google Health certainly wasn’t a harnessing or harvesting of ‘collective intelligence.’

via What Google’s Quiet Failure Says About Its Innovation Health – Michael Schrage – Harvard Business Review.

Facebook’s Awesome Is My Yawn

The Many Faces of A Website
The Many Faces of A Website

Mark Zuckerberg tried to steal Google+ thunder announcing that Facebook would soon have something ‘awesome’. Today the veil was lifted on the new feature of Facebook: video chat. Seriously? I find this boring. Facebook’s videochat only works one-to-one, no group video chat. It runs as a Java applet, nothing cool. It’s not based on open standards, but it’s the same secret, insecure protocol used by Microsoft/Skype.

Compared to Google+ Hangouts, Facebook’s chat is so 2010: I’m not impressed. Are you?

Why Google+ is going to be hard to beat

A lot of my friends are still saying that Facebook cannot be beaten by Google+ because people don’t change habits, because Google+ doesn’t have this or that… While I acknowledge all these fine points, I believe that unless Google+ makes huge mistakes, Facebook will have a serious contender. Facebook is the Internet behind a wall, a design that nobody ever wanted, it’s a liability for humanity. Facebook is the Microsoft of the 2010s, the “everybody in the world will have to use my products in order to communicate with each other”.

I saw the movie before and I can predict that open standards and open source will eventually win. If Hangout developers will publish the specifications needed to interoperate with Hangouts not only Skype will suffer but Facebook will too.

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