Week 2011-08-28 in review

  • Da leggere: per seppellire per sempre il mito di Tremonti severo guardiano del bilancio italiano http://t.co/bskSZow #
  • "tutti sembriamo saggi ed intelligenti se ci confrontiamo con Renato Brunetta" LOL http://t.co/M93f3Gm #
  • Lesson of the evening: "we're hiring" says everybody in #openstack community #
  • Apple fanboys got it wrong. Samsung won in the NL, Europeans will soon buy Galaxy products http://ow.ly/6bK15 #
  • not an earthquake, it's just the massive construction work out of the office #
  • Remember: "computer implemented invention" is just another name for software patents. Patent attorneys still try to mud the waters #
  • RT @jzb: As Steve Jobs Steps Down, Linux Turns 20: Which Changed the World More? http://t.co/Q1h3cGA via @RWW #
  • Paul Vixie of BIND fame Explains How PROTECT IP Act Will Break The Internet http://t.co/jQTuRQB #

Non linear presentation based on open standards

If you’re like me you’re going to love Dizzy.js. Like many, I think that PowerPoint and all its clones are very poor tools to express ideas in a compelling ways. A very interesting alternative for me is Prezi, I have two main issues with it: it’s based on proprietary software by Adobe (Flash) and it’s proprietary software itself.

Enter dizzy.js, a Javascript library that enables you to create nonlinear presentations similiar to Prezi but storing data in the SVG-format with the navigation and animation is done via Javascript. Go have  a look at it: it’s good already and I can’t wait to use it.

via dizzy.js – nonlinear presenting.

Samsung scores against Apple in NL

If you’ve been following the European version of Apple vs Samsung saga, here is a piece of news from a person I trust, the tl;dr version:

Apple has LOST all claims wrt the european patent 2098948. The court thinks that the european patent 1964022 is worthless and will be thrown out in reexamination anyway as prior art has been shown by Samsung. The only thing that remains is the european patent 2059868. And the claims of that patent can be circumvented in trivial ways.

Read the whole post by Jan Wildeboer about Samsung v Apple in the Netherlands.

Week 2011-08-21 in review

  • http://t.co/Fr2wOpr definitely something worth reading today #
  • !Ubuntu using Thunderbird as default email/calendar app on oneiric: does anybody know how it will sync data to mobile phones? #
  • well said: GNOME 3 just wasn't designed with old-school Unix hackers in mind. http://j.mp/qMlJvn –Doesn't mean it's bad #
  • Google bought Motorola but should ATT be allowed to buy Tmobile? Leaked doc puts that in question http://t.co/XbUeW8a #
  • Orlowsky writes like a troll. He would do anything to get a couple of clicks on his silly 'analysis', that's why I don't link to his story. #
  • did myBART.org store password unencrypted or did Anonymous decipher them? they're all banal http://t.co/deofxjy #
  • ♺ @nmar: Making my way home, snapped some pics early on of #opbartlive inside Civic Center Station http://ow.ly/640zI #
  • Gartner survey says consumers show social media fatigue http://t.co/yYP0xUQ http://j.mp/nyftQp #
  • Oh the hypocrisy: restaurant can't sell wine but you can bring it from home. Luckily liquor store is right next. Celebrating new job #
  • More patent madness, HTC strikes back at Apple http://j.mp/pQD086 #
  • pizza dough is raising … yummy #fb #
  • ♺ @bkuhn: Given the #Debian birthday, I figure I should at least remind people that #FSF funded Ian #Murdock to work on Debian for a while #
  • Very annoyed at Linux Foundation infographic. Did you seriously put your patents there? Why? http://t.co/hYjEvSX #
  • $80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes in Kenya, the World Next? http://t.co/ErHB5a0 < a little more ram and I'll buy it #
  • First day as community manager of #OpenStack Awesome group, very exciting opportunity. Feels great to be part of this great project. #
  • Going to #OpenStack meet-up tomorrow: pizza and beer, whiteboard and source code http://t.co/84Avc4b #
  • picking a health plan is complicated: too many options and I'm sure the fine prints hide traps. argh #
  • ♺ @arstechnica: Patent troll targets Apple's Disk Utility over alleged patent violation: http://t.co/OJrtIWv by @foresmac #
  • ♺ @nmar: Kindly RT: Photographer uses kickstarter to fund search for lost DaVinci http://ow.ly/66XLj #italy #art #journalism #
  • Android GPLv2 termination worries: one more reason to upgrade to GPLv3 http://t.co/zF93G0y #

Week 2011-08-14 in review

Convert OOXML to PDF from command line

Don’t you hate loading Open/LibreOffice.org? I do, so anything that helps to avoid the wait for the mammoth to load is good. Carlo Daffara shared a useful tip on Google+.

to convert files to PDF using libreoffice from the command line, I use this:

$ libreoffice –headless -convert-to pdf:writer_pdf_Export <filename>

works quite well, and in latest libreoffice releases quality of converted presentations from OOXML is substantially improved.

Thanks Carlo.

IBM and its success across a century

I spent many months together with IBM Italy during the first years of their ‘Linux initiative’ and learned to appreciate this huge corporation. I worked with their engineers certifying the now-defunct Linux distribution MadeInLinux for IBM x86 servers and later in a big marketing nation-wide tour to demonstrate the power of Linux to their massive VAR channel that had never heard anything good about Linux and Open Source before.

I was lucky enough to meet Irving Vladawsky-Berger, the brilliant strategist that helped shape the present of IBM, leading the Linux initiative. I consider myself lucky to have met one of the leaders that turned a huge ship around and brought it to modern times.

Nancy Koehn on HBR blog summarises the lessons worth sharing about IBM’s capability to Outlast Depression, War, and Competition

Week 2011-08-07 in review

Patents, Google and people that don’t get it

John Gruber rants about Google ranting about patents and especially the campaign to attack Android based on the absurd US patent system. If it wasn’t Google asking for a reform of the patent system probably Gruber wouldn’t ask these questions:

So if Google had acquired the rights to these patents, that would have been OK. But when others acquired them, it’s a “hostile, organized campaign”. It’s OK for Google to undermine Microsoft’s for-pay OS licensing business by giving Android away for free, but it’s not OK for Microsoft to undermine Google’s attempts to give away for free an OS that violates patents belonging to Microsoft?

Yes, exactly. Because those patents are absurd 99% absurd and the rest 1% is irrelevant. John: the US patent system is broken. I  know that Google saying it may sound like they just don’t want to pay but the truth is that Google is not the only one highlighting the level of absurd reached. I suggest you to start by reading this.