• definitely something worth reading today #
  • !Ubuntu using Thunderbird as default email/calendar app on oneiric: does anybody know how it will sync data to mobile phones? #
  • well said: GNOME 3 just wasn't designed with old-school Unix hackers in mind. –Doesn't mean it's bad #
  • Google bought Motorola but should ATT be allowed to buy Tmobile? Leaked doc puts that in question #
  • Orlowsky writes like a troll. He would do anything to get a couple of clicks on his silly 'analysis', that's why I don't link to his story. #
  • did store password unencrypted or did Anonymous decipher them? they're all banal #
  • ♺ @nmar: Making my way home, snapped some pics early on of #opbartlive inside Civic Center Station #
  • Gartner survey says consumers show social media fatigue #
  • Oh the hypocrisy: restaurant can't sell wine but you can bring it from home. Luckily liquor store is right next. Celebrating new job #
  • More patent madness, HTC strikes back at Apple #
  • pizza dough is raising … yummy #fb #
  • ♺ @bkuhn: Given the #Debian birthday, I figure I should at least remind people that #FSF funded Ian #Murdock to work on Debian for a while #
  • Very annoyed at Linux Foundation infographic. Did you seriously put your patents there? Why? #
  • $80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes in Kenya, the World Next? < a little more ram and I'll buy it #
  • First day as community manager of #OpenStack Awesome group, very exciting opportunity. Feels great to be part of this great project. #
  • Going to #OpenStack meet-up tomorrow: pizza and beer, whiteboard and source code #
  • picking a health plan is complicated: too many options and I'm sure the fine prints hide traps. argh #
  • ♺ @arstechnica: Patent troll targets Apple's Disk Utility over alleged patent violation: by @foresmac #
  • ♺ @nmar: Kindly RT: Photographer uses kickstarter to fund search for lost DaVinci #italy #art #journalism #
  • Android GPLv2 termination worries: one more reason to upgrade to GPLv3 #