Week 2011-08-28 in review

  • Da leggere: per seppellire per sempre il mito di Tremonti severo guardiano del bilancio italiano http://t.co/bskSZow #
  • "tutti sembriamo saggi ed intelligenti se ci confrontiamo con Renato Brunetta" LOL http://t.co/M93f3Gm #
  • Lesson of the evening: "we're hiring" says everybody in #openstack community #
  • Apple fanboys got it wrong. Samsung won in the NL, Europeans will soon buy Galaxy products http://ow.ly/6bK15 #
  • not an earthquake, it's just the massive construction work out of the office #
  • Remember: "computer implemented invention" is just another name for software patents. Patent attorneys still try to mud the waters #
  • RT @jzb: As Steve Jobs Steps Down, Linux Turns 20: Which Changed the World More? http://t.co/Q1h3cGA via @RWW #
  • Paul Vixie of BIND fame Explains How PROTECT IP Act Will Break The Internet http://t.co/jQTuRQB #