Week 2011-09-25 in review

  • In Italy the Affliction of Comfort http://t.co/iUK2ObyL #
  • Il deja-vu della riforma fiscale italiana: era gia stata approvata nel 2003 e mai realizzata. S&P ha ragione: inetti! http://t.co/DOZ76IBn #
  • Identi.ca upgraded: do you like it? Answer on my experimental poll http://t.co/L160dxDo #
  • OpenStack Diablo new releases focuses on scalability http://t.co/cu7Dndpa #
  • Acer starts using trains to distribute laptops: from Taiwan to Germany via China, Russia and more http://t.co/PjNpiXe9 #
  • There will be blood: Samsung will be 'more aggressive' in its patent battle with Apple http://t.co/dScW2tlD #
  • My dear Gnome Evolution, you never evolved: I can't rely on you anymore to keep my email in order and my calendar in sync. I give up on you #
  • Just read it, understand it and act: Why You Should Log Out of Facebook http://t.co/LwyiVpbP” #
  • Celentano andava a 100 all'ora, la Gelmini festeggia per aver superato la velocità della luce in un tunnel #

Week 2011-09-18 in review

  • http://t.co/XQObqIu I believe there is a correlation between open source and open innovation in some cases. They're not the same thing… #
  • syncevolution is failing to sync with Funambol and I'm not happy about it. Logs are too complex to interpret for me 🙁 #
  • Good news also for the debate in Europe: Libertarian Think Tanks Oppose Patents On Abstract Ideas http://j.mp/oS0dre #swpat #
  • Expanding rapidly: OpenStack Chinese Comunity http://j.mp/riH0Nd #
  • Wikimedia Foundation is hosting a hack-a-thon in New Orleans, LA on Oct 14-16 with an OpenStack twist to it http://t.co/NhX7t98 #
  • Oh, now I know where candidate Rick Parry (with-an-A) gets his lines 🙂 http://t.co/x8yw7Ofz #
  • Seattle-area folk: there is a Seattle OpenStack meetup hosted by HP Cloud Services: http://t.co/UJXJMfmz #
  • Ubuntu Developer: because we need more 'apps' (I'm serious) http://j.mp/obfnk2 #
  • Povera Italia: “You see, here we are at the bar, we support the economy this way.” http://t.co/vbXdFETB #
  • http://t.co/JlvYSssq #
  • A cool experiment at !OpenStack: a documentation blitz on Monday before the Diablo release http://t.co/JlvYSssq #
  • Got a buck? Help out real-life Da Vinci Code quest for lost Leonardo http://j.mp/ni2y9N #
  • Better to ban Sony Playstation from your home than be banned by Sony for not protecting your data! http://t.co/kSgdMbPQ #
  • Better ban Sony Playstation from your home: keep the right to sue them if they don't protect your data http://t.co/kSgdMbPQ #
  • Great infographic about economy, recession and policies. Seems like we did it all wrong http://j.mp/qliH0O #
  • I'd say Samsung gets it. Other may yell "OMG they're forking Android" 🙂 http://j.mp/qRzUGf #

More opposition to patents on abstract ideas

This is good news and I hope that the opinion of Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation will help with the debate against software patents also in Europe.

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the crisis in our patent system is mostly a crisis in the new categories of patents that the Federal Circuit unilaterally legalized during the 1990s. On Friday, three leading libertarian think tanks added their voices to the growing chorus of parties calling on the Supreme Court to reverse the Federal Circuit’s mistake and restore the traditional rules excluding abstract ideas from the reach of patent law.

via Libertarian Think Tanks Oppose Patents On Abstract Ideas – Forbes.

Week 2011-09-11 in review

  • How can I find out if Buffalo LinkStation Duo LS-WXL/R1 NAS runs Samba? The box contains no mention of it nor of other GPL code in it #
  • ♺ @ZDNet: Facebook finally makes your exported data useful http://t.co/poGpFAt < Did anybody try that? #
  • ♺ @IJNet: 5 ways to report stories with Facebook http://ow.ly/6oQlE #journalism #
  • Dice Galli Della Loggia dell'Italia che "perfino i discorsi/le conversazioni si susseguono sempre eguali" < Appunto http://t.co/v3C8Gwv #
  • Two Collaboration Tools to Help Wrangle Your Rogue Team: Teambox and TeamLab http://t.co/xc0WmCB #freesoftware #

The US patent reform bill kills small investors

A bill is on its way for President Obama to sign. It will grant a patent to the first person to file an application with the patent office, even if someone else had previously invented the same technology.

Welcome big corporations with big pockets and fancy lawyers, goodbye myth of lonely genius changing the world in a garage. Is this Obama’s new America?

via Mostly pointless patent reform bill goes to Obama for signature.

The European Commission like Iran for new gTLD policy

The Internet Governance Project at Syracuse University has published a blog post slamming the European Commission for a paper they published regarding the new ICANN proposed domain policies. The group of academics goes as far as to demand EC officials to resign, saying that their paper makes EC look like Iran, Syria and other freedom-averse nations.

In its second ICANN paper, the EC has taken the worst possible position on both aspects of new TLD policy. Its paper is radically inimical to freedom of expression, and would erect huge, unnecessary economic barriers to entry. It is also destructive institutionally: it proposes to subordinate Internet community self-governance to hierarchical control by nation-states, and would replace ICANN’s new gTLD policy with something concocted in secret by a handful of unelected bureaucrats.

and more is on IGP Blog: The second EC ICANN Paper: How low can they go?. Does anybody know what’s going on here?