The European Commission like Iran for new gTLD policy

The Internet Governance Project at Syracuse University has published a blog post slamming the European Commission for a paper they published regarding the new ICANN proposed domain policies. The group of academics goes as far as to demand EC officials to resign, saying that their paper makes EC look like Iran, Syria and other freedom-averse nations.

In its second ICANN paper, the EC has taken the worst possible position on both aspects of new TLD policy. Its paper is radically inimical to freedom of expression, and would erect huge, unnecessary economic barriers to entry. It is also destructive institutionally: it proposes to subordinate Internet community self-governance to hierarchical control by nation-states, and would replace ICANN’s new gTLD policy with something concocted in secret by a handful of unelected bureaucrats.

and more is on IGP Blog: The second EC ICANN Paper: How low can they go?. Does anybody know what’s going on here?