Week 2011-09-18 in review

  • http://t.co/XQObqIu I believe there is a correlation between open source and open innovation in some cases. They're not the same thing… #
  • syncevolution is failing to sync with Funambol and I'm not happy about it. Logs are too complex to interpret for me πŸ™ #
  • Good news also for the debate in Europe: Libertarian Think Tanks Oppose Patents On Abstract Ideas http://j.mp/oS0dre #swpat #
  • Expanding rapidly: OpenStack Chinese Comunity http://j.mp/riH0Nd #
  • Wikimedia Foundation is hosting a hack-a-thon in New Orleans, LA on Oct 14-16 with an OpenStack twist to it http://t.co/NhX7t98 #
  • Oh, now I know where candidate Rick Parry (with-an-A) gets his lines πŸ™‚ http://t.co/x8yw7Ofz #
  • Seattle-area folk: there is a Seattle OpenStack meetup hosted by HP Cloud Services: http://t.co/UJXJMfmz #
  • Ubuntu Developer: because we need more 'apps' (I'm serious) http://j.mp/obfnk2 #
  • Povera Italia: β€œYou see, here we are at the bar, we support the economy this way.” http://t.co/vbXdFETB #
  • http://t.co/JlvYSssq #
  • A cool experiment at !OpenStack: a documentation blitz on Monday before the Diablo release http://t.co/JlvYSssq #
  • Got a buck? Help out real-life Da Vinci Code quest for lost Leonardo http://j.mp/ni2y9N #
  • Better to ban Sony Playstation from your home than be banned by Sony for not protecting your data! http://t.co/kSgdMbPQ #
  • Better ban Sony Playstation from your home: keep the right to sue them if they don't protect your data http://t.co/kSgdMbPQ #
  • Great infographic about economy, recession and policies. Seems like we did it all wrong http://j.mp/qliH0O #
  • I'd say Samsung gets it. Other may yell "OMG they're forking Android" πŸ™‚ http://j.mp/qRzUGf #