Shuttleworth sees Ubuntu as the universal OS

In his keynote this morning, Mark Shuttleworth sketched a future where by 2014 Ubuntu will be an universal platform on all devices with a screen. He mentioned Ubuntu-powered phones, TVs, tablets, cars, with the existing desktops and servers, all connected to the cloud. It’s a huge challenge.

I’ve been hearing this story of the universal operating system many times in the past 20 years and nobody has managed to come up with one. I’ve seen the failure of LiMo, Maemo and Meego later (not Tizen), WebOS and more in direct competition with iOS and Android on the mobile/embedded space. Mark may succeed where others have failed.

Week 2011-10-30 in review

  • Take liberalism, subtract the Democratic Party, and the remainder might look something like Occupy Wall Street … #
  • RIM Courts Silicon Valley App Developers With ‘Evangelists’ < Will that help? #
  • The things you can do with open source: Researchers customize Android for sophisticated smartphone lockdown #
  • Google is building a music-download store that would work closely with its Google social network #
  • OpenStack Korea Group has an Open Seminar on Oct 26 #
  • Kaspersky Lab discovered a Russian site offering a QR code that downloaded an app that automatically scammed the user #
  • Fantastic. LibreOffice Base crashes performing the most simple reports on Ubuntu 11.10. Useless 🙁 #
  • nice article explaining how Apple changed its price strategy and started offering lower prices than competitors #
  • VMware will change pricing model to "Consumption-Based", whatever that means #
  • By 2015, combined spending for public and private cloud storage will be $22.6 billion worldwide, IDC says. #
  • innovation powered by software on a small, simple device: a thermostat #
  • Nokia and Microsoft will focus on European market initially. Not exactly a vote of confidence #
  • OpenStack meetup in Austin sponsored by Dell: pizza, soda, crowbar and more cloud than you can handle #
  • Facebook f$#%s up with your privacy, again (or should I say still?) #
  • Pitching to VCs? 10 tips to help your fundraising process #
  • TomTom switches focus from personal navigation devices to selling realtime traffic data #
  • OpenStack presentation at OpenStorage Summit is at 3:30 instead of 4:15. See you in Cloud Track with @joearnold #
  • Pretty sophisticated Twitter spammer: random name + last name, random tweets, but credible and a spam link every now… #
  • Evolution crashes, Thunderbird is annoying… what a poor state for free software email clients #
  • A team for the OpenStack International Community: join it if you run a user group, meetup and similar #
  • Rackspace offers free drinks and limited edition tshirt at !Ubuntu #UDS Join us #
  • Indeed, there's no money in telling the truth about open source. #
  • Sony Ericsson will be Sony only. With what OS? #
  • Huawei and ZTE are outpricing Apple in China. Do you know where to buy those in the US? #
  • join Rackspace for free drinks, appetizers and limited edition t-shirts at the Caribe Royale Hotel's POOL DECK #
  • Apple releases its losses audio codec (ALAC) in the open (Apache license). #
  • HP is not selling the PC business after all. Good choice, IMHO #
  • RT @jperlow: Has your Klout tanked? There's an explanation. Me: Klout can take BS metrics and shove it up its snout #
  • So glad this is not a problem at Rackspace: diversity is a good thing #
  • HP needs innovation but Whitman says: "We’re Going To Make Windows 8 Tablets" Good luck with that #
  • Where Would Fiat Be Today Without Sergio Marchionne? #
  • Facebook could face €100,000 fine for holding data that users have deleted #
  • Italian Apple employees go on strike: they demand bonuses for everybody, more lunch coupons (two per day if the work… #
  • All that you ever wanted to know about the political economy of small businesses in Italy, but were afraid to ask (a… #
  • This is scary. #

Measuring code contributions to Openstack

Following the rule “you cannot improve what you cannot measure” I started putting together a system to measure engagement in OpenStack community. There are lots of factors to take into account for engagement of members of a community. With OpenStack I started from code, I will keep adding other sources of data that will help me drive engagement up.

This post is mostly about the progress I made using CVSanaly to dig into OpenStack git repositories, build a database from the git logs and extract useful information from it. CVSanaly is a tool developed under a EU sponsored project (FLOSSmetrics) and currently maintained by a few universities.

For the curious among us, I documented the steps to populate the CVSanaly database with data from OpenStack git repos on a new wiki page. You’ll find there also the implementation details of the reports that answer questions like: Who commited to an OpenStack repo, how many times in the past 30 days? See the demo report built with Pentaho Reporting representing the total number commits per repository in past 30 days (pdf).

The long term vision is to have a self service dashboard where anybody can slice and dice all data about OpenStack community, code, bugs, interaction on mailing list and irc and more. I’m experimenting with Pentaho and Jaspersoft tools, still not sure how to proceed. If you have experience with them let me konw. I’m also hoping that Mozilla releases more details about the implementation of Mozilla Metrics project (still under wraps, after a premature leak a few days ago).

Week 2011-10-23 in review

Week 2011-10-16 in review

Suggestions to new Free Software Hackers

Lennart Poettering, is the Red Hat developer of  PulseAudio and systemd (among other things). He published the slides for his lecture at Technical University of Berlin where he spoke to students about “things you need to know, things you should expect and things you shouldn’t expect when your are aspiring to become a successful Free Software Hacker.” It’s an interesting read.

via [Phoronix] How To Become A Free Software Developer.

Week 2011-10-09 in review

  • Sad news: Nokia to cut 3,500 more jobs, close Romania plant #
  • weird? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope, it's your boss. A costume cape-maker has begun to outfit the C-suite. #
  • Learn How to Think Different(ly) #hbr #
  • You can have your 5 minutes of fame at #OpenStack Design Summit Lightning Talks. Best talk wins bragging rights 🙂 #
  • Bittersweet comic: DRM harm culture … on the other hand, they give us free time to enjoy nature 🙂 #
  • OpenStack@Cisco update via @lewtucker #
  • We knew from Open Source > Research shows consumers collectively generate massive amounts of product innovation #
  • ♺ @tcarrez: Most heated discussion at #openstack design summit so far: Separating APIs from implementation of APIs #
  • I started a list of OpenStack-relevant accounts. Should you be on the list? just let me know #
  • Heading to the @hp #openstack party. Beer time! #
  • now on github @usergrid a comprehensive platform stack for mobile and rich client applications #
  • At 11am session on Community Metrics, what to measure and why? at #OpenStack Unconference. Join us, free coffee inside #
  • What would highlight of today's #OpenStack Design Summit? #
  • ♺ @sourceforge: We just hired Roberto at, and he's already doing great work helping us help open source… #
  • Happy to have joined a company that does TheRightThing #OpenStack #
  • Rackspace does the right thing for the community: starting the work to setup #OpenStack Foundation #
  • is seriously upping up the ante fot a #openstack party 🙂 How will you compete after this? #
  • lots of business talks at @pistoncc #openstack party, un-believable 🙂 #
  • It's a great party when Termie ends up in undies! #
  • Jobs didn't do much for free software. Nonetheless his heritage is important: "there has to be a better way!" Respect for a visionary #
  • Four areas for strategic contributions in OpenStack via @tcarrez #
  • What an amazing week! Thanks to #OpenStack community for the warm welcome: we have a great road ahead! #

Week 2011-10-02 in review

  • Reminder: logging out of Facebook is not enough. ShareMeNot is better #
  • Next !Ubuntu version will solve my problem with Evolution, switch to Thunderbird and integrate with GNOME Evolution data storage #hope #
  • cryptic name for a neat online events engine #
  • For all Europeans: how to get ALL of the data that Facebook keeps about you, not just the things you uploaded #
  • ♺ @wadhwa: Lawyers and patents both are inhibitors of innovation. Put them together and you have a lethal brew. 🙂 #
  • Study reveals Patent Trolls Cost The Economy Half A Trillion Dollars #swpat #
  • Answer my question on what's your favorite Android phone in the US and why? #
  • Samsung and Apple Clash in Dutch Court #swpat #
  • Decreasing orders of IPad parts from China by Apple may not be what it seems #
  • EU should note Microsoft, Skype bundling risks-rival #
  • agency IT departments will be busy managing data, not devices. #
  • Spotify says it's made the move to promote better music discovery. That's lame and untrue. #
  • The next step for OpenStack /via @tcarrez #
  • Anti-Google drones use Google services: because they're good! They want regulation not competition #
  • A pony whose only trick got finally old? Zynga's Profits Down by 95% #
  • Well, the price is right if it can be easily rooted: Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet #
  • Should we believe Zuckerberg? Facebook Defends Getting Data From Logged-Out Users #
  • Didn't you see this coming? Updated Skype iOS apps adds nasty, annoying advertising #
  • going live with OpenStack Diablo installation #
  • “We have to extend beyond cellular”, says Verizon < Yes, please, just be a pipe that transports data #
  • Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? #
  • I tend to agree with this: what do you think? Why Facebook Works for All, Twitter for Some #
  • The dream will never die: Samsung joins forces with Intel, LiMo+Meego=Tizen #
  • Dear @Ubuntu, CTRL-ALT-Backspace to kill X should be active by default! #
  • The new Facebook wants you to understand your life from the comfort of its walled garden. #
  • Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? #
  • I don't know you, but I hate those ads: MediaPost Publications TidalTV Has Deal With Roku For OTT Video Ads #
  • The evolution of Facebook: paying to be spied. Amazon's browser Silk will monitor consumer behavior #
  • T-Mobile wants to prevent U.S. ban on Samsung products #
  • Nokia, Siemens To Inject EUR1 Billion Into Nokia Siemens Networks #
  • supercommittee to propose spectrum auctions to solve the financial crisis. Anybody remembers UMTS license crazyness? #
  • DOJ Puts Google/Motorola On Hold With Request For More Info #
  • Still valid after many years: Impact of the Creation of the Mozilla Foundation in the Activity of Developers PDF #