Week 2011-10-02 in review

  • Reminder: logging out of Facebook is not enough. ShareMeNot is better http://t.co/n08mmXWf #
  • Next !Ubuntu version will solve my problem with Evolution, switch to Thunderbird and integrate with GNOME Evolution data storage #hope #
  • cryptic name for a neat online events engine http://ifttt.com/ #
  • For all Europeans: how to get ALL of the data that Facebook keeps about you, not just the things you uploaded http://t.co/2ZN1j3vI #
  • ♺ @wadhwa: Lawyers and patents both are inhibitors of innovation. Put them together and you have a lethal brew. 🙂 #
  • Study reveals Patent Trolls Cost The Economy Half A Trillion Dollars http://t.co/FbbcjJqx #swpat #
  • Answer my question on identi.ca: what's your favorite Android phone in the US and why? http://t.co/MAFMKzOR #
  • Samsung and Apple Clash in Dutch Court http://t.co/XNfltEYD #swpat #
  • Decreasing orders of IPad parts from China by Apple may not be what it seems http://j.mp/oVAS1F #
  • EU should note Microsoft, Skype bundling risks-rival http://j.mp/oTM4U6 #
  • agency IT departments will be busy managing data, not devices. http://j.mp/qcNv1a #
  • Spotify says it's made the move to promote better music discovery. That's lame and untrue. http://j.mp/qpqjAo #
  • The next step for OpenStack http://t.co/8nsOcSIs /via @tcarrez #
  • Anti-Google drones use Google services: because they're good! They want regulation not competition http://j.mp/oD99Pz #
  • A pony whose only trick got finally old? Zynga's Profits Down by 95% http://j.mp/pvCL9f #
  • Well, the price is right if it can be easily rooted: Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet http://j.mp/pNmYNK #
  • Should we believe Zuckerberg? Facebook Defends Getting Data From Logged-Out Users http://j.mp/ralv9D #
  • Didn't you see this coming? Updated Skype iOS apps adds nasty, annoying advertising http://t.co/Ko6S0Xu0 #
  • Mercadolibre.com going live with OpenStack Diablo installation http://j.mp/nCE612 #
  • “We have to extend beyond cellular”, says Verizon < Yes, please, just be a pipe that transports data http://t.co/39jj1DYp #
  • Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? http://j.mp/p06sgM #
  • I tend to agree with this: what do you think? Why Facebook Works for All, Twitter for Some http://j.mp/qxiGF4 #
  • The dream will never die: Samsung joins forces with Intel, LiMo+Meego=Tizen http://j.mp/qqzbOm #
  • Dear @Ubuntu, CTRL-ALT-Backspace to kill X should be active by default! #
  • The new Facebook wants you to understand your life from the comfort of its walled garden. http://j.mp/oSYt3V #
  • Should You Donate To Open Source Projects? http://j.mp/p06sgM #
  • I don't know you, but I hate those ads: MediaPost Publications TidalTV Has Deal With Roku For OTT Video Ads http://j.mp/rjRXAx #
  • The evolution of Facebook: paying to be spied. Amazon's browser Silk will monitor consumer behavior http://j.mp/p5ymm5 #
  • T-Mobile wants to prevent U.S. ban on Samsung products http://j.mp/pFUctb #
  • Nokia, Siemens To Inject EUR1 Billion Into Nokia Siemens Networks http://j.mp/qdTEtC #
  • supercommittee to propose spectrum auctions to solve the financial crisis. Anybody remembers UMTS license crazyness? http://j.mp/qLhbo7 #
  • DOJ Puts Google/Motorola On Hold With Request For More Info http://j.mp/n4WL6Y #
  • Still valid after many years: Impact of the Creation of the Mozilla Foundation in the Activity of Developers http://t.co/968cJV69 PDF #

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