Week 2011-10-09 in review

  • Sad news: Nokia to cut 3,500 more jobs, close Romania plant http://j.mp/nu8FUJ #
  • weird? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope, it's your boss. A costume cape-maker has begun to outfit the C-suite. http://j.mp/rl3bPT #
  • Learn How to Think Different(ly) #hbr http://j.mp/pAcZQ7 #
  • You can have your 5 minutes of fame at #OpenStack Design Summit Lightning Talks. Best talk wins bragging rights πŸ™‚ #
  • Bittersweet comic: DRM harm culture … on the other hand, they give us free time to enjoy nature πŸ™‚ http://j.mp/nbr0Gb #
  • OpenStack@Cisco update http://t.co/O01sYDqX via @lewtucker #
  • We knew from Open Source > Research shows consumers collectively generate massive amounts of product innovation http://j.mp/pEQVLU #
  • β™Ί @tcarrez: Most heated discussion at #openstack design summit so far: Separating APIs from implementation of APIs #
  • I started a list of OpenStack-relevant accounts. Should you be on the list? just let me know http://t.co/tzVvUSb4 #
  • Heading to the @hp #openstack party. Beer time! #
  • now on github @usergrid a comprehensive platform stack for mobile and rich client applications http://t.co/wpih7LvN #
  • At 11am session on Community Metrics, what to measure and why? at #OpenStack Unconference. Join us, free coffee inside #
  • What would highlight of today's #OpenStack Design Summit? #
  • β™Ί @sourceforge: We just hired Roberto at sf.net, and he's already doing great work helping us help open source… http://t.co/EQZUZIJ1 #
  • Happy to have joined a company that does TheRightThing #OpenStack #
  • Rackspace does the right thing for the community: starting the work to setup #OpenStack Foundation http://t.co/RN6t5a9I #
  • Piston.cc is seriously upping up the ante fot a #openstack party πŸ™‚ How will you compete after this? #
  • lots of business talks at @pistoncc #openstack party, un-believable πŸ™‚ #
  • It's a great party when Termie ends up in undies! #
  • Jobs didn't do much for free software. Nonetheless his heritage is important: "there has to be a better way!" Respect for a visionary #
  • Four areas for strategic contributions in OpenStack http://t.co/xQ7VkpiB via @tcarrez #
  • What an amazing week! Thanks to #OpenStack community for the warm welcome: we have a great road ahead! #