Measuring code contributions to Openstack

Following the rule “you cannot improve what you cannot measure” I started putting together a system to measure engagement in OpenStack community. There are lots of factors to take into account for engagement of members of a community. With OpenStack I started from code, I will keep adding other sources of data that will help me drive engagement up.

This post is mostly about the progress I made using CVSanaly to dig into OpenStack git repositories, build a database from the git logs and extract useful information from it. CVSanaly is a tool developed under a EU sponsored project (FLOSSmetrics) and currently maintained by a few universities.

For the curious among us, I documented the steps to populate the CVSanaly database with data from OpenStack git repos on a new wiki page. You’ll find there also the implementation details of the reports that answer questions like: Who commited to an OpenStack repo, how many times in the past 30 days? See the demo report built with Pentaho Reporting representing the total number commits per repository in past 30 days (pdf).

The long term vision is to have a self service dashboard where anybody can slice and dice all data about OpenStack community, code, bugs, interaction on mailing list and irc and more. I’m experimenting with Pentaho and Jaspersoft tools, still not sure how to proceed. If you have experience with them let me konw. I’m also hoping that Mozilla releases more details about the implementation of Mozilla Metrics project (still under wraps, after a premature leak a few days ago).