Week 2011-10-30 in review

  • Take liberalism, subtract the Democratic Party, and the remainder might look something like Occupy Wall Street … http://t.co/HCh8RryY #
  • RIM Courts Silicon Valley App Developers With ‘Evangelists’ http://t.co/BdL8fkcR < Will that help? #
  • The things you can do with open source: Researchers customize Android for sophisticated smartphone lockdown http://t.co/VUq1Nc0A #
  • Google is building a music-download store that would work closely with its Google social network http://t.co/8bTXBykR #
  • OpenStack Korea Group has an Open Seminar on Oct 26 http://t.co/1u5YxIF9 #
  • Kaspersky Lab discovered a Russian site offering a QR code that downloaded an app that automatically scammed the user http://t.co/iTsOU5e2 #
  • Fantastic. LibreOffice Base crashes performing the most simple reports on Ubuntu 11.10. Useless 🙁 #
  • nice article explaining how Apple changed its price strategy and started offering lower prices than competitors http://t.co/ly0DFemg #
  • VMware will change pricing model to "Consumption-Based", whatever that means http://t.co/c6xtlqUK #
  • By 2015, combined spending for public and private cloud storage will be $22.6 billion worldwide, IDC says. http://t.co/dZOn21sc #
  • innovation powered by software on a small, simple device: a thermostat http://t.co/bD8p53hC #
  • Nokia and Microsoft will focus on European market initially. Not exactly a vote of confidence http://t.co/33CfqsIm #
  • OpenStack meetup in Austin sponsored by Dell: pizza, soda, crowbar and more cloud than you can handle http://t.co/iYaUEMMe #
  • Facebook f$#%s up with your privacy, again (or should I say still?) http://t.co/J6eOYZpc #
  • Pitching to VCs? 10 tips to help your fundraising process http://t.co/Ojwi1HSh #
  • TomTom switches focus from personal navigation devices to selling realtime traffic data http://t.co/zYmb5IMU #
  • OpenStack presentation at OpenStorage Summit is at 3:30 instead of 4:15. See you in Cloud Track with @joearnold #
  • Pretty sophisticated Twitter spammer: random name + last name, random tweets, but credible and a spam link every now… http://t.co/aK5z88G7 #
  • Evolution crashes, Thunderbird is annoying… what a poor state for free software email clients #
  • A team for the OpenStack International Community: join it if you run a user group, meetup and similar http://t.co/iH1C1gxO #
  • Rackspace offers free drinks and limited edition tshirt at !Ubuntu #UDS http://t.co/TfFzOGmB Join us #
  • Indeed, there's no money in telling the truth about open source. http://t.co/dmdzFy8B #
  • Sony Ericsson will be Sony only. With what OS? http://t.co/GJp2BN9D #
  • Huawei and ZTE are outpricing Apple in China. Do you know where to buy those in the US? http://t.co/Wwms6A5r #
  • join Rackspace for free drinks, appetizers and limited edition t-shirts at the Caribe Royale Hotel's POOL DECK http://t.co/ixSvJHep #
  • Apple releases its losses audio codec (ALAC) in the open (Apache license). http://t.co/ZSZtNx83 http://t.co/DKnGNUPm #
  • HP is not selling the PC business after all. Good choice, IMHO http://t.co/7xJGPjqs #
  • RT @jperlow: Has your Klout tanked? There's an explanation. http://t.co/qTDBqwXg Me: Klout can take BS metrics and shove it up its snout #
  • So glad this is not a problem at Rackspace: diversity is a good thing http://t.co/nS6H2Y4r #
  • HP needs innovation but Whitman says: "We’re Going To Make Windows 8 Tablets" Good luck with that http://t.co/3XCp0U6x #
  • Where Would Fiat Be Today Without Sergio Marchionne? http://t.co/EyT8fq21 #
  • Facebook could face €100,000 fine for holding data that users have deleted http://t.co/1CGEaaYK #
  • Italian Apple employees go on strike: they demand bonuses for everybody, more lunch coupons (two per day if the work… http://t.co/1ObeN7Vo #
  • All that you ever wanted to know about the political economy of small businesses in Italy, but were afraid to ask (a… http://t.co/HkKYuMny #
  • This is scary. http://t.co/iXIglXIr #

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