Week 2011-11-27 in review

  • Share and make Facebook rich (and you get nothing you would not get for free anyway) have http://t.co/g6QWXOIL #
  • Keep pressing Congress even if Business Software Alliance now backpedaling on SOPA support http://t.co/qotDFyPr #
  • First article in a series about improving the Nova privilege escalation security model. Today: Analysis of the curre… http://t.co/jt6njNhX #
  • One of the coolest infographic I've seen lately: money http://t.co/QM7IVRhK
    Powered by Plu.sr http://t.co/v7h1mp06 #
  • The question is: Which Android tablet to buy, considering the super discounts I've seen around? The heart says to bu… http://t.co/czPJ8Onk #

The debate about foundations for open source projects

Two interesting articles debating about foundations for open source projects. Mikeal Rogers argues that Apache Software Foundation has served its purpose in its 12 years and now is only preserving the problem to justify its existence.

Ten years ago open source projects faced a long list of barriers to entry. Source hosting was a pain in the ass. Wiki hosting, Mailing List hosting, bug tracking, all of these things we can now take for granted were actually quite hard to set up and maintain as recently as 5 years ago. […]

and then he adds that

the world has changed Apache has become a net negative for its projects.

Mainly, Mikael says, GitHub has leveled the entry field and the layer of politics added by the Apache Foundation are not necessary anymore.

Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse Foundation wrote a response, titled of course Foundations Considered Useful. He lists some of the important things that Eclipse does:

A small sampling of the core value-add that happens within the Eclipse Foundation and its community would include:

  • IP management. Although we often get criticized for being overly focused on the topic, nobody does IP management better than Eclipse. Which is a huge part of fulfilling our mission of delivering product-ready software platforms. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it is absolutely a core value, and one not easily replicated.
  • Predictability. The Eclipse community has shipped its major platform release on time to the day for eight years. Last year’s release was 46 MLOC, so we are talking about a non-trivial amount of code. The processes that we have in place to co-ordinate the activities and release engineering for 60+ projects absolutely require some amount of centralized support.
  • Branding and community. The Eclipse brand means something to people. Millions of developers around the world use Eclipse or Eclipse-based products every day. They have confidence in the software and the community that delivers it. Looking inside the community, there is definitely a pride and a sense of community that comes with being part of Eclipse. Anyone who has ever been to an EclipseCon has seen this firsthand.
  • Industry collaboration. Obviously GitHub has been wildly successful in fostering community-led open source. However, there are lots of instances where large and conservative corporations are looking at how to get involved in open source. In many cases, their business motivation is to collaborate with other industry players to create shared industry platforms. The kind of work that goes into facilitating these ventures goes far beyond picking a license and starting to hack some code. The processes that organizations like Eclipse and Apache bring to the table for project incubation, development processes, license management and IP contribution management are critical success factors.

Both articles are interesting reading for the OpenStack community while we think about our own foundation. What do you think?

Week 2011-11-20 in review

  • Very sad news. I met Ilya at SFLUG meeting where I was presenting the FreedomBox project. My condolescence to his fa… http://t.co/QpPyg5PL #
  • Red Hat Co-Founder’s Latest Venture Prepares to Battle Amazon http://t.co/EI2Onw16 #
  • What's in the OpenStack Essex-1 milestone for Keystone, Glance, Horizon a… http://t.co/pc8a6Gz3 #
  • The Wikileaks of 100 years ago: Europe's archived trove of rare Great War documents goes online http://t.co/JlxRWj0o #
  • Have you looked at CloudU already? It's a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical profe… http://t.co/KMKIcuZh #
  • Goodbye Skype! Buying credit from you was way too difficult. Welcome Google Voice: convenient and cheaper #
  • Wired talks about Jeff Bezos. Nice read http://t.co/twP28PC7 #
  • South Korea is trying to solve the SPAM problem with fascist tools: all emails will have to go through a national SM… http://t.co/V5DkcCcY #
  • The only thing that is going to stop Hollywood from owning the Internet and everything is YOU: write to your member … http://t.co/XA98hxza #
  • Tassare il contante in Italia? Ecco spiegato in poche parole perche` le proposte che stanno circolando in questi gio… http://t.co/8I2jqJ5Y #
  • I had to refuse passing the bodyscanner again. Sorry TSA agent you had to touch my balls but I won't get more radiation for no reason 🙂 #
  • Take action to protect Internet as we know it. Contact your Congress rep now: http://t.co/TwY8ICzK http://t.co/2kf1oyVG #
  • #LinuxCon registration starts in about 7 hours. OpenStack is ready at Cloud Discovery Days. Come visit us, ask questions, make proposals #
  • Cloud Discovery Days about to start in Hortoflorestal #LinuxCon Learn about what OpenStack, Rackspace, Xen, Citrix, Dell have in common #
  • Paul Voccio is starting his presentation "Nova at scale: current and future" at #LinuxCon #openstack #
  • "The ring puts everything together" @notmyname speaking of Swift architecture at #LinuxCon #
  • Most annoying BIG issue for me with Ubuntu http://t.co/hxLKfnru and workaround http://t.co/riHHULce #powermanagement #
  • Rackspace Hosting taps tech talent with SF office. There is a fussball table too 🙂 http://t.co/IX2CLcZQ #
  • http://t.co/YsC4IIfz goes OpenStack. Presentation starts after keynotes at #LinuxCon in hortoflorestal #
  • discuss with OpenCongress the bill "Stop Online Piracy Act" http://t.co/mXLJfyFo Great tool, too Reminds me of GPLv3 discussion tool #
  • Microsoft's strategy to kill Android with dumb software patents exposed by Barnes&Noble http://t.co/12HIfmFs #

Week 2011-11-13 in review

  • Su Via Solari sono caduto in moto per lo stesso motivo ma a me è andata bene. Non ho mai capito perché Milano toller… http://t.co/A9JkIRkG #
  • CIA's Open Source Center harvests Twitter and social media to understand the world http://t.co/YykumLSu #
  • I agree: the real cause of Wikileaks problems is the loss of moral credibility because of Julian Assange's http://t.co/qXm00xsz #
  • Hollister (CA) Police released "Social Networking Sites: A Parent's Guide" best practices to keep family safe http://t.co/7m6KbkrM #
  • decisions made by the ICANN matter for people around the world who use the Internet to speak out against repression http://t.co/Ql60jZZS #
  • And I thought 101 was bad. Lines to register at CloudExpo are much worse #
  • Smelling bs: Sec. Clinton: No contradiction between Web freedom and IP rights http://t.co/W5slOCQR #
  • Must read: Henry Chesbrough talks about how open innovation has evolved and expanded with the advent of open source http://t.co/q1Wp5jjW #
  • OpenStack is also on Google+ http://t.co/x4nYls8y #
  • The issue with software patentes is more and more mainstream. Good! Get rid of them http://t.co/PuTEZGwl #
  • Berlusconi magari e` senza maggioranza ma ho l'impressione che non mollera` senza una garanzia di impunita` per lui … http://t.co/alVgpOXf #
  • IBM's software-as-a-service revenue is now in the "hundreds of millions of dollars." http://t.co/wtQx2nMa #
  • The NSA evaluating OpenStack? http://t.co/FIPBz7b6 #
  • China bars democracy activists from elections http://t.co/SQDYlGwO #
  • Google published Transparency Report – detailing government requests for user data and content removal http://t.co/RG4C9CtS #
  • A juicy OpenStack webinar on Nov 16: Converging OpenStack with NexentaStor Storage http://t.co/E0ILxO7R #
  • Come volevasi dimostrare: a B interessa l'impunita` e ha un mese di tempo per prendersela http://t.co/rVoYbBsZ #
  • Nothing new; carry on. http://t.co/ccUO1ycO #
  • RT @tcarrez: #OpenStack Essex-1 candidates for Keystone, Glance, Nova and Horizon are up for testing: http://t.co/db17LnEC #
  • UK and US Say Internet Censorship Won't Work; China Begs to Differ http://t.co/38GMbSug #
  • Internet challenges China's gov: Chinese are using an online vote to push for more accurate air-pollution measures http://t.co/UKfUFT4S #
  • Study says that teens on Facebook have antisocial behavior http://t.co/68MqEYi0 #
  • Bipartisan call from CA Reps to kill ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ http://t.co/MlzcvATO #
  • Wimm One: like the iPod Nano but powered by Android. I'd like to play with one http://t.co/VXkvUUMq #
  • Another validation for the GNU GPL in court. Judge confirms that users of embedded devices withpre-installed Free So… http://t.co/OuhTe8jT #
  • I still think that the best thing Google can do to assure G+ success is to make it a federated protocol http://t.co/5XPQ3C7e #
  • Facebook Starts to Allow Advertisements from Online Casinos. With so many pre-teen users will this be an issue? http://t.co/p0Jnwguy #
  • online anonymity may still be possible if consumers are aware of what they're sharing and corporations observe rules http://t.co/IZF7lKC2 #
  • The paradoxes of free speech in Lebanon. Italy has similar issues http://t.co/cVLGOayM #
  • RT @nmar: AOL digital prophet @shingy on why journalists should humanize the web http://t.co/4FJmhTzp #
  • Interesting: did Twitter start selling Promoted Tweets to 'normal' users? http://t.co/lvdcaDQC #
  • Read this and tell me what you think: Is Google losing it? http://t.co/4atPUeQ8 #
  • Cool event in Redwood City tomorrow – robot hacking, fire dancers & more! http://t.co/6Mgecs0I http://t.co/34WnSQ16 #
  • Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street. A new hero for the 99%? http://t.co/xENS5lyq #
  • Understanding the Euro Crisis: Imagine Italy Was Your Business http://t.co/dwbwrY5N #
  • Interesting research paper: Network Operators and Content Providers: Who Bears the Cost? The network operators seem … http://t.co/68XIF8y2 #
  • I agree with the problem, one fix should be enough: Go "Pure Google" or go fork yourself. Hardware manufacturers sho… http://t.co/VDpuMEFV #
  • What a waste: tech start-ups filing more patents since Apple went to war. Lawyers are happy. http://t.co/6UoFRUwv #
  • Awful place to work for: RT @tiedtiger: Zynga to employees: Give back our stock or you'll be fired http://t.co/Ol7kgCwu #
  • So true: RT @harvardbiz: Leadership Is a Gift Given by Those Who Follow http://t.co/OKYxNrsB #
  • Cisco is boosting profits after reorg: the focus on switches and routers works http://t.co/zqqZM5vF #
  • Are you a McRib fan? You may need to check pork prices to guess when McDonald's will introduce the sandwich http://t.co/QGuIRyBf #
  • The weekly OpenStack newsletter is out with new community graphs. What do you think of them? http://t.co/OvveXbUN #
  • China bans reporters from reporting any information taken from the Internet or mobile phones without verification http://t.co/A4a0NF4c #
  • La cosa piu` deprimente per l'Italia e` sentirsi dare lezioni dal premier belga! Che coraggio, questi che non sono s… http://t.co/yt0uAbZV #

Week 2011-11-06 in review

  • I can't wait to try it: 3D GPS navigation through your windshield http://t.co/Z0YX48VF #
  • Shuttleworth from stage thanks Rackspace for OpenStack! #uds #
  • tassare il lavoro 'precario' fa solo diminuire lo stipendio. I politicanti attuali non sanno creare alternative http://t.co/li4KVmpv #
  • Live streaming, remote participation with IRC, 700 people attending in Orlando, food, coffee, snacks, swags. #UDS has it all 🙂 #
  • Stefano Zacchirolo on stage now at #UDS relationship between Debian and Ubuntu #
  • Debian has a Derivatives Front Desk: contact point for all distributions based on Debian #uds #
  • Internet stalker jailed for putting explicit pictures of girlfriend online #privacy http://t.co/UCYmU6eo #
  • Report by Carnegie Mellow Uni says opt-out tools like DoNotTrack are confusing, ineffective for most people http://t.co/BCzQirRP #
  • I wish to meet ACPI expert at !Ubuntu #UDS to show them my Dell with 3 and more inexistent batteries at 0%. Drives me nuts #
  • can somebody explain to me why !Ubuntu changed the behavior of ALT-TAB in Unity? I can't see the improvement in it, only drawbacks #UDS #
  • OpenStack tshirts special #UDS edition are here! Come grab one at Rackspace desk #
  • OpenStack Tshirts are a huge success. We'll distribute next batch this evening at Rackspace Happy Hour http://t.co/WahcHQN6 #
  • OpenStack Testing as a Service explained by Monty Taylor and Jim Blair now at #UDS Cloud federation in action #
  • The end of an era: Internet Explorer drops below 50% of Web usage – http://t.co/S4pmQrLU they said it couldn't be do… http://t.co/8n2kgDnK #
  • OpenCloudWeekend in Sunnyvale: OpenStack, Hadoop, CloudFoundry http://t.co/5Kxjhlx0 #
  • The bizarre world of US measuring and date notation systems http://t.co/G5ERpBXO http://t.co/C39fnF56 #
  • Directional shoes for the blind, made with Arduino. Technology that really can change life http://t.co/rF2Vp5dZ... #
  • OMG! Linux is FUD'ing the market, Microsoft is innocent, there is no plot in Windows 8/SecureBoot tale … http://t.co/WzZvNUPi #
  • Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By … and not only companies http://t.co/XO3izqG7 #
  • RT @disinformatico: Google "do a barrel roll" #

OpenStack at UDS

What a week! Ubuntu Developer Summit is one of the best meetings I have attended to. Here are a few things that impressed me most.

The infrastructure is amazing! The networking is astonishingly good. I learned that the Ubuntu team bypasses the usually lame the Internet connections provided by the hotels and puts down their own. Ubuntu’s wifi was gratis, easy to join and always on! By comparison, the access provided by the hotel was mostly down and costed $10 per day.

The participation is insane! Not only Canonical employees participate to the summit but also volunteers from around the world. In Orlando there were around 700 people all interested in making Ubuntu the greatest operating system in the world.

OpenStack is everywhere! Three plenary sessions were dedicated to OpenStack and many sessions of the summit had to do with it. Canonical is putting lots of energy into making OpenStack its cloud. Mark Shuttleworth in one of these sessions made it also clear that he wants to provide resources for OpenStack to maintain compatibility Amazon’s API.

Rackspace distributed the coolest t-shirts at the event: we ran out of three full boxes in a few minutes.

The pace of the summit was not as mad as I imagined after looking at the schedule. Even if there are many parallel tracks from 9am to 6pm for five full days, I ended up with plenty of time free to meet people and talk with them. Sharing the same hotel with a big swimming pool and very nice weather probably helped the conversations. I enjoyed also the free buses available to go out in large groups.

All in all, it was great to be there since OpenStack Developer Summit is modelled after UDS.