• I can't wait to try it: 3D GPS navigation through your windshield #
  • Shuttleworth from stage thanks Rackspace for OpenStack! #uds #
  • tassare il lavoro 'precario' fa solo diminuire lo stipendio. I politicanti attuali non sanno creare alternative #
  • Live streaming, remote participation with IRC, 700 people attending in Orlando, food, coffee, snacks, swags. #UDS has it all πŸ™‚ #
  • Stefano Zacchirolo on stage now at #UDS relationship between Debian and Ubuntu #
  • Debian has a Derivatives Front Desk: contact point for all distributions based on Debian #uds #
  • Internet stalker jailed for putting explicit pictures of girlfriend online #privacy #
  • Report by Carnegie Mellow Uni says opt-out tools like DoNotTrack are confusing, ineffective for most people #
  • I wish to meet ACPI expert at !Ubuntu #UDS to show them my Dell with 3 and more inexistent batteries at 0%. Drives me nuts #
  • can somebody explain to me why !Ubuntu changed the behavior of ALT-TAB in Unity? I can't see the improvement in it, only drawbacks #UDS #
  • OpenStack tshirts special #UDS edition are here! Come grab one at Rackspace desk #
  • OpenStack Tshirts are a huge success. We'll distribute next batch this evening at Rackspace Happy Hour #
  • OpenStack Testing as a Service explained by Monty Taylor and Jim Blair now at #UDS Cloud federation in action #
  • The end of an era: Internet Explorer drops below 50% of Web usage – they said it couldn't be do… #
  • OpenCloudWeekend in Sunnyvale: OpenStack, Hadoop, CloudFoundry #
  • The bizarre world of US measuring and date notation systems #
  • Directional shoes for the blind, made with Arduino. Technology that really can change life #
  • OMG! Linux is FUD'ing the market, Microsoft is innocent, there is no plot in Windows 8/SecureBoot tale … #
  • Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By … and not only companies #
  • RT @disinformatico: Google "do a barrel roll" #