Week 2011-11-13 in review

  • Su Via Solari sono caduto in moto per lo stesso motivo ma a me è andata bene. Non ho mai capito perché Milano toller… http://t.co/A9JkIRkG #
  • CIA's Open Source Center harvests Twitter and social media to understand the world http://t.co/YykumLSu #
  • I agree: the real cause of Wikileaks problems is the loss of moral credibility because of Julian Assange's http://t.co/qXm00xsz #
  • Hollister (CA) Police released "Social Networking Sites: A Parent's Guide" best practices to keep family safe http://t.co/7m6KbkrM #
  • decisions made by the ICANN matter for people around the world who use the Internet to speak out against repression http://t.co/Ql60jZZS #
  • And I thought 101 was bad. Lines to register at CloudExpo are much worse #
  • Smelling bs: Sec. Clinton: No contradiction between Web freedom and IP rights http://t.co/W5slOCQR #
  • Must read: Henry Chesbrough talks about how open innovation has evolved and expanded with the advent of open source http://t.co/q1Wp5jjW #
  • OpenStack is also on Google+ http://t.co/x4nYls8y #
  • The issue with software patentes is more and more mainstream. Good! Get rid of them http://t.co/PuTEZGwl #
  • Berlusconi magari e` senza maggioranza ma ho l'impressione che non mollera` senza una garanzia di impunita` per lui … http://t.co/alVgpOXf #
  • IBM's software-as-a-service revenue is now in the "hundreds of millions of dollars." http://t.co/wtQx2nMa #
  • The NSA evaluating OpenStack? http://t.co/FIPBz7b6 #
  • China bars democracy activists from elections http://t.co/SQDYlGwO #
  • Google published Transparency Report – detailing government requests for user data and content removal http://t.co/RG4C9CtS #
  • A juicy OpenStack webinar on Nov 16: Converging OpenStack with NexentaStor Storage http://t.co/E0ILxO7R #
  • Come volevasi dimostrare: a B interessa l'impunita` e ha un mese di tempo per prendersela http://t.co/rVoYbBsZ #
  • Nothing new; carry on. http://t.co/ccUO1ycO #
  • RT @tcarrez: #OpenStack Essex-1 candidates for Keystone, Glance, Nova and Horizon are up for testing: http://t.co/db17LnEC #
  • UK and US Say Internet Censorship Won't Work; China Begs to Differ http://t.co/38GMbSug #
  • Internet challenges China's gov: Chinese are using an online vote to push for more accurate air-pollution measures http://t.co/UKfUFT4S #
  • Study says that teens on Facebook have antisocial behavior http://t.co/68MqEYi0 #
  • Bipartisan call from CA Reps to kill ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ http://t.co/MlzcvATO #
  • Wimm One: like the iPod Nano but powered by Android. I'd like to play with one http://t.co/VXkvUUMq #
  • Another validation for the GNU GPL in court. Judge confirms that users of embedded devices withpre-installed Free So… http://t.co/OuhTe8jT #
  • I still think that the best thing Google can do to assure G+ success is to make it a federated protocol http://t.co/5XPQ3C7e #
  • Facebook Starts to Allow Advertisements from Online Casinos. With so many pre-teen users will this be an issue? http://t.co/p0Jnwguy #
  • online anonymity may still be possible if consumers are aware of what they're sharing and corporations observe rules http://t.co/IZF7lKC2 #
  • The paradoxes of free speech in Lebanon. Italy has similar issues http://t.co/cVLGOayM #
  • RT @nmar: AOL digital prophet @shingy on why journalists should humanize the web http://t.co/4FJmhTzp #
  • Interesting: did Twitter start selling Promoted Tweets to 'normal' users? http://t.co/lvdcaDQC #
  • Read this and tell me what you think: Is Google losing it? http://t.co/4atPUeQ8 #
  • Cool event in Redwood City tomorrow – robot hacking, fire dancers & more! http://t.co/6Mgecs0I http://t.co/34WnSQ16 #
  • Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street. A new hero for the 99%? http://t.co/xENS5lyq #
  • Understanding the Euro Crisis: Imagine Italy Was Your Business http://t.co/dwbwrY5N #
  • Interesting research paper: Network Operators and Content Providers: Who Bears the Cost? The network operators seem … http://t.co/68XIF8y2 #
  • I agree with the problem, one fix should be enough: Go "Pure Google" or go fork yourself. Hardware manufacturers sho… http://t.co/VDpuMEFV #
  • What a waste: tech start-ups filing more patents since Apple went to war. Lawyers are happy. http://t.co/6UoFRUwv #
  • Awful place to work for: RT @tiedtiger: Zynga to employees: Give back our stock or you'll be fired http://t.co/Ol7kgCwu #
  • So true: RT @harvardbiz: Leadership Is a Gift Given by Those Who Follow http://t.co/OKYxNrsB #
  • Cisco is boosting profits after reorg: the focus on switches and routers works http://t.co/zqqZM5vF #
  • Are you a McRib fan? You may need to check pork prices to guess when McDonald's will introduce the sandwich http://t.co/QGuIRyBf #
  • The weekly OpenStack newsletter is out with new community graphs. What do you think of them? http://t.co/OvveXbUN #
  • China bans reporters from reporting any information taken from the Internet or mobile phones without verification http://t.co/A4a0NF4c #
  • La cosa piu` deprimente per l'Italia e` sentirsi dare lezioni dal premier belga! Che coraggio, questi che non sono s… http://t.co/yt0uAbZV #

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