Week 2011-11-20 in review

  • Very sad news. I met Ilya at SFLUG meeting where I was presenting the FreedomBox project. My condolescence to his fa… http://t.co/QpPyg5PL #
  • Red Hat Co-Founder’s Latest Venture Prepares to Battle Amazon http://t.co/EI2Onw16 #
  • What's in the OpenStack Essex-1 milestone for Keystone, Glance, Horizon a… http://t.co/pc8a6Gz3 #
  • The Wikileaks of 100 years ago: Europe's archived trove of rare Great War documents goes online http://t.co/JlxRWj0o #
  • Have you looked at CloudU already? It's a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical profe… http://t.co/KMKIcuZh #
  • Goodbye Skype! Buying credit from you was way too difficult. Welcome Google Voice: convenient and cheaper #
  • Wired talks about Jeff Bezos. Nice read http://t.co/twP28PC7 #
  • South Korea is trying to solve the SPAM problem with fascist tools: all emails will have to go through a national SM… http://t.co/V5DkcCcY #
  • The only thing that is going to stop Hollywood from owning the Internet and everything is YOU: write to your member … http://t.co/XA98hxza #
  • Tassare il contante in Italia? Ecco spiegato in poche parole perche` le proposte che stanno circolando in questi gio… http://t.co/8I2jqJ5Y #
  • I had to refuse passing the bodyscanner again. Sorry TSA agent you had to touch my balls but I won't get more radiation for no reason 🙂 #
  • Take action to protect Internet as we know it. Contact your Congress rep now: http://t.co/TwY8ICzK http://t.co/2kf1oyVG #
  • #LinuxCon registration starts in about 7 hours. OpenStack is ready at Cloud Discovery Days. Come visit us, ask questions, make proposals #
  • Cloud Discovery Days about to start in Hortoflorestal #LinuxCon Learn about what OpenStack, Rackspace, Xen, Citrix, Dell have in common #
  • Paul Voccio is starting his presentation "Nova at scale: current and future" at #LinuxCon #openstack #
  • "The ring puts everything together" @notmyname speaking of Swift architecture at #LinuxCon #
  • Most annoying BIG issue for me with Ubuntu http://t.co/hxLKfnru and workaround http://t.co/riHHULce #powermanagement #
  • Rackspace Hosting taps tech talent with SF office. There is a fussball table too 🙂 http://t.co/IX2CLcZQ #
  • http://t.co/YsC4IIfz goes OpenStack. Presentation starts after keynotes at #LinuxCon in hortoflorestal #
  • discuss with OpenCongress the bill "Stop Online Piracy Act" http://t.co/mXLJfyFo Great tool, too Reminds me of GPLv3 discussion tool #
  • Microsoft's strategy to kill Android with dumb software patents exposed by Barnes&Noble http://t.co/12HIfmFs #