Week 2011-11-27 in review

  • Share and make Facebook rich (and you get nothing you would not get for free anyway) have http://t.co/g6QWXOIL #
  • Keep pressing Congress even if Business Software Alliance now backpedaling on SOPA support http://t.co/qotDFyPr #
  • First article in a series about improving the Nova privilege escalation security model. Today: Analysis of the curre… http://t.co/jt6njNhX #
  • One of the coolest infographic I've seen lately: money http://t.co/QM7IVRhK
    Powered by Plu.sr http://t.co/v7h1mp06 #
  • The question is: Which Android tablet to buy, considering the super discounts I've seen around? The heart says to bu… http://t.co/czPJ8Onk #