• Surprised that scanning/ printing with GNU/Linux is always plug-and-print/scan. On Mac OS it's always download/install/configure/hope #
  • DRM is bad for you, even when it's removed http://t.co/3B5BLdhe #
  • MIT study proves that Oprah really helped Twitter's spread http://t.co/A87PRdub #
I don’t like any of the email/groupware clients I’ve used, from Evolution to Thunderbird to Apple Mail to Entourage to Outlook to Gmail. They are all very bad for me. And I also don’t like email because of this.

This morning I played around with The Email Game, a web app that expands Google’s Gmail client with a couple of interesting features. I like the concept of ‘Boomerang‘ and the countdown for each email-related action. If you have a Gmail account I suggest you to give it a try. I won’t be using it (my gmail account is for spam only and a few mailing list) but I hope that some of these ideas end up in one of the email clients I use on my GNU/Linux desktop.

The Email Game – Conquer your Email from Baydin Inc. on Vimeo.

  • Hey @asus what's the release date for the #TransformerPrime we're planning things to buy here 🙂 #
  • Il lecito risparmio d'imposta non è nè evasione, nè elusione. Da leggere su #nFA http://t.co/COQL19oH #
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  • Predictions for 2012: the cloud will be a teenager http://t.co/aWE6kAkr #
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  • Atos to zap email and use alternative systems to exchange information (activity stream?). Neat, I am all for it http://t.co/A00zQzn1 #
  • Why am I not surprised? http://t.co/7FWa9JgK
    Powered by Plu.sr http://t.co/fIBv7m3U #
  • Sweet: now printers have malware too, and it's nasty. Didn't Stallman start GNU because of a printer? http://t.co/QvMlgpLh #
  • I hear Rackspace party will be live streamed from http://t.co/2PRIM21Y #
  • Love this Pacman logo for a recycling co. – it's across the road from the Foxconn iPhone factory in Jundiaí, Brazil … http://t.co/FQ5nhRwa #
  • SFLC proposes DMCA exemption that would free users to root their devices and replace their operating systems: http://t.co/zPUHh9Q3 #uefi #
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