Week 2011-12-25 in review

Surprised that scanning/ printing with GNU/Linux is always plug-and-print/scan. On Mac OS it's always download/install/configure/hope # DRM is bad for you, even when it's removed http://t.co/3B5BLdhe # MIT study proves that Oprah really helped Twitter's spread http://t.co/A87PRdub #

Week 2011-12-18 in review

Strike! Strike! Strike! Wikipedia should blackout its site to protest SOPA http://t.co/3r4qvADD # RIP to Cesária Évora, her music is part of my life. http://t.co/rWSfFEKX” #

Innovating email clients

I don’t like any of the email/groupware clients I’ve used, from Evolution to Thunderbird to Apple Mail to Entourage to Outlook to Gmail. They are all very bad for me. And I also don’t like email because of this. This morning I played around with The Email Game, a web app that expands Google’s Gmail…

Week 2011-12-11 in review

The race to track us online is on: we get to be spied for free http://t.co/y9K3eOPj # Go figure: someone studied if it's more dangerous to drive drunk or stoned. TL;DR: stoned is better http://t.co/UnTekcFB # Will Microsoft buy Netflix and LinkedIn? It would make sense for MSFT http://t.co/EyfpGz8r # Now you can get a…

Week 2011-12-04 in review

Hey @asus what's the release date for the #TransformerPrime we're planning things to buy here 🙂 # Il lecito risparmio d'imposta non è nè evasione, nè elusione. Da leggere su #nFA http://t.co/COQL19oH # EU officially agrees that nobody reads terms of service agreements. The European Commission is planning to stop Face… http://t.co/vSOZLiO2 # EU commission…