• Hey @asus what's the release date for the #TransformerPrime we're planning things to buy here 🙂 #
  • Il lecito risparmio d'imposta non è nè evasione, nè elusione. Da leggere su #nFA #
  • EU officially agrees that nobody reads terms of service agreements. The European Commission is planning to stop Face… #
  • EU commission is on a roll: Justice Commissioner wants privacy authorities to have more power #
  • Predictions for 2012: the cloud will be a teenager #
  • Interesting explanation of the limitation of mesh networking. You may also find out why your ATT reception is so bad… #
  • Atos to zap email and use alternative systems to exchange information (activity stream?). Neat, I am all for it #
  • Why am I not surprised?
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  • Sweet: now printers have malware too, and it's nasty. Didn't Stallman start GNU because of a printer? #
  • I hear Rackspace party will be live streamed from #
  • Love this Pacman logo for a recycling co. – it's across the road from the Foxconn iPhone factory in Jundiaí, Brazil … #
  • SFLC proposes DMCA exemption that would free users to root their devices and replace their operating systems: #uefi #
  • SourceForge just launched a survey about Women In Open Source. The objective is to gather data about the issue 10 ye… #