Week 2012-02-26 in review

  • Profitable news « BuzzMachine http://t.co/0D847cEo cc @nmar #
  • This is what you do today: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect http://t.co/YhUH7rjB #
  • Open innovation by Ford using open source: OpenXC a platform for smart dashboard http://t.co/LhRM6fxp #
  • Spent most of my workday on Etherpad, taking notes during meetings and sharing draft documents with colleagues. I love simple and effective #
  • I wonder what caused the initial arrogance of Astolabe: EFF Wins Protection for Time Zone Database http://t.co/bGCkHM0M #
  • If you want to vote for OpenStack PTL make sure your name and email is on the Authors file http://t.co/ArN4gGok #

The abyss between Apple and its competitors

I started chatting with my brother about corporate laptops and how ugly they generally are. He works for a large corporation that doesn’t offer any choice: he can get any computer he wants provided it’s black and runs Windows. Poor thing. I am lucky enough to work for a company that allows me to use Apple products:  I could have had a Mac if I wanted to but  I chose not to use Apple hardware because I would not have used its operating system (I tried some time ago and gave up).

The conversation made me sad to realize that on one hand Apple offers beautiful designs, great machines shown at art museums, noble materials. On the other companies like Dell and Lenovo offer only ugly plastic, basic components assembled together in heavy chassis, awful chargers and the same basic design since the 90s. The abyss between Apple products and its competitors justifies its +$500 per share.

Week 2012-02-19 in review

  • having the most annoying experience with a piece of software since Windows 3.1. Echosign is really bad bad bad #
  • The trackpad misinterprets a light touch for a click when I'm typing typing on Ubuntu and moves the cursor. More than annoying #
  • I miss the times when to change a setting all you needed was edit a config file. Now Unity forces to click on obscure config panels #
  • RT @IanSkerrett: Really good article on the trend away from the GPL http://t.co/ErH0r25Y < license choice comes from biz model not ideology #
  • ah @riotta: spargi paure incertezze e dubbi senza motivo. Il copyright in Europa e` tutelato eccome #

Week 2012-02-05 in review

  • Who knew that moscato wine would become hip in the US-More at http://t.co/GNBOhoez #
  • Arguments to use next time you hear politicians say that illegal downloads harm economy and cost jobs http://t.co/h6DiWch8 #
  • Dà fastidio solo a me che i giornalisti mettano enfasi sulla nazionalità della donna vista a bordo con Schettino? http://t.co/XdaR26pZ #
  • They're here and they glow. @OpenStack exclusive gadget for bug squashers on Feb 2nd http://t.co/xncxzkk7 #
  • Is there a 'GitHub' effect in free/libre software? What do you think? http://t.co/8MUPSByN /via @tcarrez #
  • RT @fabricapo: Reading Facebook S-1 in Silicon Valley is the equivalent of watching porn in for the rest of the world #
  • Hope to make it to this event tomorrow… reading the page made my inner geek laugh http://t.co/H8wELK2h #
  • Funny conversation with SF taxi driver: he's in the taxi business because of "cash and hot babes" #
  • Full room at #fosdem for @OpenStack talks http://t.co/xli2p1c2 #
  • OH: @freedomboxfndn looking for an Apache dev knowledgeable in OpenPGP (or viceversa). Go to Bdale's talk #Fosdem Sunday #
  • Kronos for geeks is the second moon of Klingon home world first and father of Zeus in Greek mythology second. Go figure #Fosdem #
  • Ready for @OpenStack dev meeting & distro panel? Free beer afterward #Fosdem in Chavanne #
  • the @OpenStack developers and distro meeting #Fosdem after a long day of sessions. There is a strong community in EU http://t.co/lkmsAYFU #