Week 2012-02-05 in review

  • Who knew that moscato wine would become hip in the US-More at http://t.co/GNBOhoez #
  • Arguments to use next time you hear politicians say that illegal downloads harm economy and cost jobs http://t.co/h6DiWch8 #
  • Dà fastidio solo a me che i giornalisti mettano enfasi sulla nazionalità della donna vista a bordo con Schettino? http://t.co/XdaR26pZ #
  • They're here and they glow. @OpenStack exclusive gadget for bug squashers on Feb 2nd http://t.co/xncxzkk7 #
  • Is there a 'GitHub' effect in free/libre software? What do you think? http://t.co/8MUPSByN /via @tcarrez #
  • RT @fabricapo: Reading Facebook S-1 in Silicon Valley is the equivalent of watching porn in for the rest of the world #
  • Hope to make it to this event tomorrow… reading the page made my inner geek laugh http://t.co/H8wELK2h #
  • Funny conversation with SF taxi driver: he's in the taxi business because of "cash and hot babes" #
  • Full room at #fosdem for @OpenStack talks http://t.co/xli2p1c2 #
  • OH: @freedomboxfndn looking for an Apache dev knowledgeable in OpenPGP (or viceversa). Go to Bdale's talk #Fosdem Sunday #
  • Kronos for geeks is the second moon of Klingon home world first and father of Zeus in Greek mythology second. Go figure #Fosdem #
  • Ready for @OpenStack dev meeting & distro panel? Free beer afterward #Fosdem in Chavanne #
  • the @OpenStack developers and distro meeting #Fosdem after a long day of sessions. There is a strong community in EU http://t.co/lkmsAYFU #