Week 2012-02-26 in review

  • Profitable news Β« BuzzMachine http://t.co/0D847cEo cc @nmar #
  • This is what you do today: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect http://t.co/YhUH7rjB #
  • Open innovation by Ford using open source: OpenXC a platform for smart dashboard http://t.co/LhRM6fxp #
  • Spent most of my workday on Etherpad, taking notes during meetings and sharing draft documents with colleagues. I love simple and effective #
  • I wonder what caused the initial arrogance of Astolabe: EFF Wins Protection for Time Zone Database http://t.co/bGCkHM0M #
  • If you want to vote for OpenStack PTL make sure your name and email is on the Authors file http://t.co/ArN4gGok #