Using Storify to assemble a newsletter

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to pull links, stories, tweets, pictures, videos from various sources on the web and aggregate them in a decent layout, suitable for a regular newsletter. I tried using Storify today. The tool is easy to use and allows pulling easily tweets and images/videos, links for an RSS feed or results from Google. I had a harder time integrating the links from the OpenStack IRC meeting logs (but they’re hard in every case). I’m not sure what to think about the fact that content stays on Storify servers, either.

Here is the result of my experiment: let me know what you think.

[View the story “Inside OpenStack” on Storify]

Week 2012-03-25 in review

  • Apple technically was "non profit" since 1995? #
  • Here’s What Working Conditions At Chinese Electronics Plants Are Really Like #
  • The media should aim at NPR for lousy fact check. Instead they shoot at Daisey for raising awareness over a problem with Chinese factories #
  • Daisey was right. If he had a better PR manager we'd be talking about Apple #
  • Learning how to pronounce bitumen in English I find out that in US it's called asphalt + an experiment runs since 1927 #
  • Open Cloud and Public Administration, conference in June in Bern (CH): call for papers and call for sponsors on #
  • Do you think sending handcuffs to politicians to educate them will be interpreted correctly? #
  • the world's largest container ship will be docking at the port of Oakland this afternoon. Should I go watch it roll in the bay? #
  • Slides from Wikimedia OpenStack Meetup are online at #
  • America's Cup Event fires 28 people, 14 in San Francisco, its staff is cut in half #

Week 2012-03-18 in review

  • Using Twitter while participating to a protest is a double-edged sword #
  • 14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star #
  • Solar panel made with ion cannon is cheap enough to challenge fossil fuels #
  • Foosball with italian rules is fast 😉 #
  • Rackspace Open Sources Whiskey, A Test Framework #
  • I just submitted a proposal for the OpenStack Design Summit ecosystem track #
  • I wonder what @nmar thinks of this: NPR now acknowledges when one side of the story has the majority of evidence #
  • I wonder what @nmar thinks of this: NPR now acknowledges when one side of the story has the majority of evidence #
  • ThisAmericanLife retired the Dasey/Apple story. 'Fabrications' they say. More news to come (and website seems down now) #
  • Seriously @Echosign I cannot change the name of a widget? Do I have to start over even for the most ridiculously simple edits? #
  • Mike Dasey made many mistakes dealing with the TAL story. The meaty parts still hold: China labor conditions are harsh by US standards #
  • Some things of San Francisco are just … beyond #creators #
  • A nice pause from #creators with my hometown wine Donnadele by Alberto Longo #

Week 2012-03-11 in review

Week 2012-03-04 in review

  • None of the French winners of #Oscars said "vive le France!" one Italian won, one mentioned Italy #
  • A pretentious movie wins the #Oscars Hugo had much more structure and beauty in it. The artist was good but flat compares to it. Oh well #
  • what Ericsson is doing with OpenStack and why it chose it via @andrasVajda #
  • Do you like funny cats on videos? This is not about cats but a puffy fish #
  • for the first time in weeks I managed to put my work email inbox down to 7 unprocessed messages! #winning #
  • Morons and corrupts go to parliaments in the world and they propose moronic laws #
  • Here is a European country trying to commit suicide just to please Hollywood #
  • That's it Google+ app, I'm fed up with you keeping to ask me to login again and again. You're gone, buzz off #
  • I hope Google's goggles will give a boost to my friends at VRmedia in Italy #