Week 2012-03-04 in review

  • None of the French winners of #Oscars said "vive le France!" one Italian won, one mentioned Italy #
  • A pretentious movie wins the #Oscars Hugo had much more structure and beauty in it. The artist was good but flat compares to it. Oh well #
  • what Ericsson is doing with OpenStack and why it chose it http://t.co/RY45SaHC via @andrasVajda #
  • Do you like funny cats on videos? This is not about cats but a puffy fish http://t.co/DBlBJQ48 #
  • for the first time in weeks I managed to put my work email inbox down to 7 unprocessed messages! #winning #
  • Morons and corrupts go to parliaments in the world and they propose moronic laws http://t.co/1v4LmqSe #
  • Here is a European country trying to commit suicide just to please Hollywood http://t.co/MWGNpDPW #
  • That's it Google+ app, I'm fed up with you keeping to ask me to login again and again. You're gone, buzz off #
  • I hope Google's goggles will give a boost to my friends at VRmedia in Italy http://t.co/o47EO7dg #