Week 2012-03-25 in review

  • Apple technically was "non profit" since 1995? #
  • Here’s What Working Conditions At Chinese Electronics Plants Are Really Like http://t.co/ggqpu8uY #
  • The media should aim at NPR for lousy fact check. Instead they shoot at Daisey for raising awareness over a problem with Chinese factories #
  • Daisey was right. If he had a better PR manager we'd be talking about Apple http://t.co/zDJUTeL4 #
  • Learning how to pronounce bitumen in English I find out that in US it's called asphalt + an experiment runs since 1927 http://t.co/YHEh7wHG #
  • Open Cloud and Public Administration, conference in June in Bern (CH): call for papers and call for sponsors on http://t.co/eVgWQ7an #
  • Do you think sending handcuffs to politicians to educate them will be interpreted correctly? http://t.co/D75lQHlB #
  • the world's largest container ship will be docking at the port of Oakland this afternoon. Should I go watch it roll in the bay? #
  • Slides from Wikimedia OpenStack Meetup are online at http://t.co/XhMMAoz9 #
  • America's Cup Event fires 28 people, 14 in San Francisco, its staff is cut in half http://t.co/kMsR4y4e #